1. Clarc

    Car insurance- Toronto

    I want to buy a car and do the insurance. I live in Voughan. I talked to the insurance company and told him I wanted to buy a Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid. They told me that I have to pay $ 500 a month, because I have less than a year to drive and when the car is new the insurance becomes full. My...
  2. LAOL

    Rideshare Insurance

    I called Geico commercial today for a quote and they want me to fill out an application, print it and mail it in... Next to Geico, what’s the cheapest insurance that covers rideshare?
  3. C

    Calling all full-time drivers - how much would you be willing to pay for an income protection solution?

    Hi everyone, I'm doing some research on a somewhat novel income protection product called a bread fund (or Broodfond in the Netherlands where it originated). A bread fund works like this: A group of typically 20-50 self-employed people create a fund, make monthly payments into it, and then the...
  4. Kurt Halfyard

    Hit and Run Insurance Question

    Even though it has been crickets in this forum for some time, I'm going to post this here, and see if any of the user base can help the fellow out, just click through to the thread posted elsewhere in the forum.
  5. FriendlyAssistant

    Insurance coverage - Cairns, QLD

    I am a sole parent with anxiety - of children with special learning needs trying to make a living. I am wondering if anyone else is having problems finding an insurance company that covers UberEats drivers. I recently discovered that Budget (who covers my current vehicle) do not cover UberEats...
  6. SB711

    Uber Not Updating Documents, Not Answering Calls, No Way to Reach

    Dependent on Uber income while waiting on a work contract out of State (and need the income to be able to reach the work site!)-uploaded updated insurance days ago, Uber never reviewed the document, doesn’t respond to any form of contact. Don’t know what to do!!!
  7. S

    Insurance renewal

    I just had a call from my broker saying that American Transit started charging additional $40 per month as installment fee. But if you pay in full for 12 month, rate remains the same. Did anyone hear about it? Or my broker is a crook. I promised to let him know by Monday - Tuesday.
  8. paulza86

    Accidents and going through Uber/Lyft insurance

    Hey all! Would anyone be willing to share a time (recently) that you got into an accident while rideshare driving and your experience with using Uber/Lyft's insurance versus your own vehicle insurance?
  9. Nina2

    Can you Uber or Lyft with liability only insurance

    I am thinking of changing insurance from full coverage to liability only insurance can you Uber or Lyft with liability only insurance or do you need full insurance
  10. New2This

    James River Drops Uber

    Who would think that people for whom this is the first time they've driven something that doesn't have hooves would have more accidents than your average driver? The lower the...
  11. Sparkz786

    Uninsured claim help

    Hi Guys Wondering if anyone would be able to advise, if you have nothing good to say kindly refrain from spamming. A friend of mine was involved in an accident last year where he collided into another vehicle, he thought he was insured but turned out to be fake insurance bought from social...
  12. Sparkz786

    Uninsured Claim Help

    Hi Guys Wondering if anyone would be able to advise, if you have nothing good to say kindly refrain from spamming. A friend of mine was involved in an accident last year where he collided into another vehicle, he thought he was insured but turned out to be fake insurance bought from social...
  13. G

    Auto Insurance for Food Delivery

    Good Morning, everyone. I have a question, regarding Auto Insurance for vehicles doing food delivery and rates. Can anyone please help me with finding a Commercial Policy, which is reasonable, for delivering Food? I have ran into roadblocks in finding affordable insurance for my vehicle, to...
  14. Stable

    Insurance Product Research

    Hi - Our company, Stable, is launching a new rideshare insurance product in KY which drivers can use to replace their personal auto policy. Given each state and city is different, we'd appreciate the opportunity to learn more about what drivers in Louisville find important and what they'd like...
  15. J

    Jersey driver - Uber Eats only

    Hey everyone, I drive for Uber about a year or so ago doing Eats only as I have a 2 Door and it was great extra money. I called my insurance a couple weeks later inquiring about adding on a second vehicle to my policy that would be used for the usual people Uber and Progressive said ‘We will...
  16. Abador

    Michigan car with a loan for uber

    I have been doing Uber eats for quite a while now but today was my first time driving passengers through Uber. I got a notice that said that disclosure is required (I assume it is letting ether the insurance or bank with the loan know that I am driving Uber.) It also said that my insurance might...
  17. G

    How exactly does Uber Eats insurance work?

    Are they the primary or secondary insurer when a driver is actively on delivery? I was involved in an accident with someone's food in my car (so phase 3) and after giving a statement and everything to the James River adjuster, the other party's insurance calls me and says JR told them that the...
  18. S


    Hi, my insurance ends pretty soon and im with inshur. Would anyone recommend other maybe better insurance brokers which i could consider before renewing. Thanks ??
  19. RabbleRouser

    ? ? Ride Share Can N0T Secure Sex-Assault Insurance coverage

    Many big-name insurers have stopped offering any form of sexual-assault coverage to ridesharing companies because large claims they’ve paid have made it too risky, experts say. “It’s called ⚠️‘burning the tower,’”⚠️...
  20. P

    Private Hire Insurance

    Hi I’m thinking of getting my private hire license to work for uber part time/inbetween contracting jobs. Does anyone know of any companies which cover you for daily/weekly private hire insurance? Thanks for your help.