1. mikesimmers

    Driving Preferences Not Showing Up

    Hey. So, I just switched over to a new car and now the app isn't showing anything for Driving Preferences. It SHOULD say UberX and UberEats, but it is not. Has anyone had this problem? If so, how did you fix it? Backstory: I've only been driving for UberEats for like a month or so. I am very new...
  2. PukkaD

    Zero rate Uber Eats deliveries?

    Started UE run 6pm Penrith area. 1st delivery request soon after. Food not ready, picked up after short wait. Started delivery. Normal delivery procedure on app. Delivered food. No payment shows. Payment delay? 2nd delivery request soon after. Food not ready, picked up after short wait. Started...
  3. PioneerXi

    Stop Changing the App

    When I logged out yesterday, the search function was top left, and account details (with my photo) was top right. This morning the search function has been switched to the top right, and the drop down with saved destinations is gone but for “home”. The account menu has been moved to the...
  4. BAKAD

    Uber App GPS issues

    Uber App GPS putting me in another area. Lost a long ride already. 2pm on Wed . March 4th. Anyone else have issues?
  5. J

    How Much Are You Willing To Pay To Help Make UBER Rides Safer For Passengers? [POLL]

    Hi Uber community! We are a research team hoping to gain important insights on our voice-enabled AI phone application that detects signs of sexual harassment and deploys safety, precautionary interventions (e.g. triggering fake phone calls, notifying friends/families). As this solution helps...
  6. Jay Dean

    What budgeting app or process/software/method do you use?

    Lately, I have been very interesting in keeping a tight budget, not to be overly concerned about it, because you do need to spend money to enjoy life, but in general, what method do you use to track your expenses? App or other process?
  7. ed08724

    Auto Decline App?

    There are plenty of switcher apps that will automatically accept rides based on filters. I need the opposite. I want it to automatically decline every ride under 45 minutes. Many days I sit at home watching TV and manually declining 80% of the lyft and uber requests for rides < 45 minutes. Would...
  8. johnnyspack

    Has anyone had this App problem?

    Running both Ola & Uber on the one phone with Uber NOT on auto accept. Have been in the Ola app when I get an uber notification about a fare, but I don't touch nothing. Then will be riding with Ola pax and find on Uber that a pax is waiting for me. Again do not have auto accept on. Am forced to...
  9. P


    Hello UP!!?? I work at a very young company to help all gig workers and hustlers track their income and better understand how they are doing in the gig economy. Especially, if you are combining jobs & working on multiple apps (Uber, Lyft, UE, GH, DD, PM, etc...), we think we can help you do...
  10. ZenUber

    A take of two blind pax.

    I dropped a kid off at a college in the city. There were lots of kids walking around like classes had just let out, so I figured I'd stick around and see if I could get a rematch. Sure enough, I got a ping in a couple minutes. I was close enough to the pin that I didn't even have to move the...
  11. MHR

    Uber Adds More Services in Quest for Profit By MICHAEL LIEDTKE The Associated Press SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Uber is cramming more services into its ride-hailing app as it explores ways to generate more revenue and finally turn a profit. The...
  12. overflow

    App for gig workers

    Hi All, We're a startup working on an app for gig workers (all kinds - rideshare, delivery, scooters etc). The idea is to give more information and leverage to the workers (vs Uber and the rest). We're still in the beginning of the process, and would like to hear input from people who work for...
  13. RightTurnOnRed

    New Uber Driver App Icon 2019

    Coming soon......New drivers app icon. But why ? Whats wrong with the one we're currently using ? ????
  14. clearport

    Making money using other gig-economy apps during slow times?? (e.g.

    Great advertisement... would rather have you support the website and avoid such uber/lyft tactics.
  15. Kurt Halfyard

    IOS13Beta - Dark Mode - Does it Work with LYFT App?

    So Apple is putting a 'dark mode' across the entire operating system with IOS13.0 and the BETA version of the IOS is out. Has anyone installed the BETA IOS13 and played around to see if the LYFT APP and SPAWNING of GOOGLE MAPS inside the LYFT APP, work with this Dark Mode? One of many things...
  16. D

    Unable to access driving time

    The whole day it just says "unable to connect check your network"
  17. PioneerXi

    Lyft App Version

    Drove all day, 8 hours-ish. Stopped for a beverage and leg stretch, got this message. Updated to this version: Changes I can see: The speed limit for the road is displayed and not removable. It covers part of the map. The rider can leave notes for gate codes. The DF is set to six (6)...
  18. ZenUber

    Uber app keeps closing itself.

    It’s been happening for several days now. It might happen 10 times a day. Often when I’m on a ride.
  19. J

    Mobile App and API to make rides more secure

    I have a system and technology to make it easy for Drivers and Passengers to instantly and securely confirm a ride match. I will be releasing a stand-alone app which issues a PIN for the driver or passenger to Confirm upon Pick Up. This eliminates the chance for the wrong passenger to get in...
  20. beebob

    Uber vs. Lyft: Which Ride-Hailing App Is Better? Here’s a comprehensive comparison of the two services to help you choose your go-to app for hitching rides. While both services look identical, there are major differences. Uber is richer in features and available in...