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  1. ZenUber

    Uber app keeps closing itself.

    It’s been happening for several days now. It might happen 10 times a day. Often when I’m on a ride.
  2. J

    Mobile App and API to make rides more secure

    I have a system and technology to make it easy for Drivers and Passengers to instantly and securely confirm a ride match. I will be releasing a stand-alone app which issues a PIN for the driver or passenger to Confirm upon Pick Up. This eliminates the chance for the wrong passenger to get in...
  3. beebob

    Uber vs. Lyft: Which Ride-Hailing App Is Better?

    https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/17/technology/personaltech/uber-vs-lyft.html Here’s a comprehensive comparison of the two services to help you choose your go-to app for hitching rides. While both services look identical, there are major differences. Uber is richer in features and available in...
  4. Pax Collector

    Lyft's misspelling

    So, it basically means you'd have to fast to afford car maintenance after cashing out your earnings. At least they inadvertently admitted to it.
  5. ZenUber

    App won't let me cancel

    It's happening more frequently. Rider doesn't show. I let the timer run out. I hit Cancel. Select a reason, and it doesn't go through. Try repeatedly, but it just goes back to the cancel page but doesn't cancel. And then it's stuck there - can't get another ping, and can't call support until it...
  6. C

    Go through a GeoFence or cross county line - preferences and ride types reset. WHY???

    I've noticed that whenever I pass into and out of a geofenced area, a couple changes happen. Going in, the ride type may change - usually something is removed because "you're not supposed to wait there." That's fine. Here's my problem. Whenever I then leave that geofenced area, my driving...
  7. Pax Collector

    Lies told by the new App

    You in the meantime....
  8. hooj


    Oh Lyft; sometimes you’re so nice and friendly and convenient, while other times you’re silly, odd and unnecessarily annoying. Let’s start with annoying - yes, this graphic is annoying - but only because you helped make it so. Here’s the new interface for Lyft and why it’s annoyingly worse than...
  9. Kurt Halfyard

    5 Features For The LYFT/UBER App That Would Enhance Both Driver & Passenger Experience

    First off, let us be clear that this is not about increasing Driver pay, or lowering Passenger cost. Uber and Lyft are not going to pay their Drivers more money. Both ride hail companies have been bleeding Venture Capital money by the billions, each and every quarter. They are constantly...
  10. MikeNY

    A Ride Share APP that will disrupt Uber/Lyft

    An APP that sends a ping to the drivers closest to the pick up. Free Market pricing similar to when Uber/Lyft decide on a Price Surge based on Supply and Demand. Sort of like the Ebay of Ride Share. The difference with this APP is the drivers decide on the price and PAX can decide to accept...
  11. J

    Trouble going online for the first time 'Mackay Driver'

    hi everyone!. since i have signed up to driver, the app has never allowed me to go online. it comes up with a message 'your account needs attention'. Now, my issues is with the support team. I have allow my documents perfect and the support has clarified on 4 different phone calls that its all...
  12. Pax Collector

    Get ready

    To explain it wasn't your fault that the app was down and your riders had to wait for almost an hour. Me? No thanks, I'll stay home.
  13. Dara khosrowshahi

    Calm down, partners.

    The app should be up and running in a few. Thank you for your patience.
  14. Pax Collector

    Uber app down

    My peanuts!!!
  15. Willjohnsdrive

    App reset?

    So, I live by an Army base, and 330 to 500 am is pretty busy there, but my stinking app seems not to roll over to a new day until 5am causing me to miss those runs. It seems like it wont shoot me pickups until the app moves to the next day.
  16. Willjohnsdrive

    Lyft Driver's App

    been doing LYFT for about 2 weeks now, and my app will sometimes not make a sound when a new request pops up. What this means is that if I am not looking at the app I am getting dinged for missing a ride.... Also, is there a way to see the rider's destination? I actually start off with, "So...
  17. BurgerTiime

    Uber and Lyft drivers are ditching the service to deliver weed

    https://www.civilized.life/articles/uber-lyft-drivers-delivering-weed/amp.html Uber and Lyft were once the go-to way for people to earn extra cash. But apparently there's a new way to use your car to make more money: delivering weed. The San Francisco Chronicle detailedhow many Uber and Lyft...
  18. BurgerTiime

    Uber rival gives passengers a supercar ride for every 100th request

    https://www.standard.co.uk/news/transport/uber-rival-promises-a-golden-supercar-surprise-for-app-customers-a4001606.html%3famp The London based company behind the service, called miwhip, promises to allocate one of its fleet of high performance “minicabs” for every 100th journey booked...
  19. Atluberpeepjak

    How many riders? App info

    I no longer see in app how many passengers to expect at pickup after accepting trip request. Where should I be looking for this info? In fare details I no longer see a calculation based on the number of people riding. When did I start giving free rides?
  20. sheridens

    Uber not sending cancellation notifications

    Late Saturday night during surge periods, four times after accepting pings during a trip, I turned up to the pick up address with the rider nowhere to be found. I texted and/or phoned each. Three told me that they had cancelled earlier on because I was too far away. One of these muttered...