1. OR-RNUber

    New driver in RDU!

    Hello all. I feel like this is the worse time to join rideshare but here I am! I am an OR nurse by trade and picked up rideshare for some extra $$$ and entertainment. I have seen it all, heard it all in healthcare... My Uber services do not include CPR FYI. I drove for the first time last...
  2. S

    $ per mile

    Most drivers that have posted vids/hacks/reviews say they want to make $1 per mile. Just want to verify that this is while the passenger is in the car, not without.
  3. S


    I’ve been driving since the start of Dec. I’ve never received a quest promotion. The past two weeks I’ve received them via email & within the app under notifications. Both times the link doesn’t load and posts an error message. I just spoke to Customer Service & they said it wasn’t an Uber...
  4. jerszeyboi

    Newbie driver....

    So I'm retired and thought driving for Uber/Lyft would be I'm watching some Youtubers tell me all about driving and there's a "link" to sign up for Uber and get a "bonus"....naive as I was I click and go through the motions of signing up...little did I know the default class is...
  5. SMH Uber

    Seen at ORD this morning

    This guy is all in. Would you deface your car in the name of rideshare? Have you all seen this guy out there? Must be a new ant.
  6. EmJay79

    Newbie to Eats - how many minutes to wait before tapping 'order not ready'?

    Hey all *wave* First day on the job for Uber Eats. After arriving at a restaurant, how long do you wait before tapping 'order not ready'? Also - I have done 5 deliveries so far but no customer has put in a rating from what I can see on my app. Is this usual? Lastly- any tips for making this a...
  7. U

    Uber Eats tips and advice - northern suburbs

    Hey there, I’ve just started out a few days ago, and my first night just to test it out I wasn’t on long but nothing. Second night I drove through a busy area but didn’t get any trips. Third night decided to give it a proper go (last night, Friday) and it was great. Got pretty much trip after...
  8. Uber9000


    I've been doing Uber for a year and this will be my first time filling taxes for them. Is there any recommendation on a great tax preparation place/person. I keep all my records, record my mileage in a log book. Just need a person that can get me the most back and doesn't charge an arm and a leg.
  9. Halfmybrain

    How was your Drunksgiving (Blackout Wednesday)?

    First time driving in a week, after waiting for car repairs. I was nonstop 11 pm to 5 am. I would have gone longer but used both destination filters by mistake and deadheaded from Chicago. (Sometimes changing arrival time to a supposed existing filter invokes a new one). I made $130. A year...
  10. beivygood14

    Hello From LA-LA Land

    Hi everyone, I'm a new driver and very excited to learn from the seasoned pros on here. I'm also a female driver, so I'd love to get that perspective as well. Just trying to make a $1 out of .15 cents.
  11. lovingstorms

    Newbie here...

    Evening! Just signed up and I have no clue what I’m doing. Suggestions? Just looking to work late evenings a few nights a week. Thanks! SJ
  12. E

    Rental car to drive Uber?

    Hi, i'm new member here. I'm looking for a rental car to drive Uber and Lyft. I don't want to buy car first. I would like to try renal car (if there is any) for a month and then i will buy my own car. Do you know does any rental in Jersey City provide car to drive Uber and Lyft or not? Please...
  13. Osaka88

    Starting UberX this week - Airport questions

    Hi Adelaide UberPeople, Due to being without work in my career field again I am picking up my Uber application where I left off last time and am picking up a Trax LS through Maven Gig tomorrow. I've read the Beginners Advice thread through and through but I am still somewhat nervous as it seems...
  14. A

    Help a new driver?

    Hey im brand new(already used someones referral code) can someone tell me good ways to earn. Obviously southside 8pm-3am. And after events like pirates games. But what else. My original plan was to wait for airport arrival but after reading threads its seems like thats too much waiting and too...
  15. X

    Clarification Wanted - Gold Coast

    Hi Folks, Just moved to the GC and thought it would be an easy dollar earner here, I quickly realised a DA is many $$, transferring CTP is many $$, finding an insurer for my car as a ride share vehicle is extra $$ and on top of that Uber help line are vague in any info given which is read of a...
  16. MMM NYC

    UberVIP + 5.0 rating = cash tipper PAX

    Just had a nice Greek old lady gave me $5 for 19 min ride. When I got the ping I was wondering how she maintained 5.0 rating. Now I know. First time I see one.
  17. Randomblina

    Any Other Female Drivers Out There?

    Hi All! I’m 3 weeks into driving Uber, and really only drive about 3 nights a week. Keep hearing people say they never get a female driver, especially at night. I’m loving it so far, money is good, averaging $20-23/hr., only about 15% tip average, not sure if that’s normal but love cash...
  18. LindyBluesDriver

    Just testing the waters

    Hi, I have a 2005 Toyota Matrix that will probably get me low ratings at first, but I need this side job with out paying too much up front. I was considering doing the weekly rental, but for that money I could get my old girl detailed and probably buy some hubcaps. :) I am hoping to work just...
  19. B

    Uber is back to trolling for Drivers with Professional Recruiters.

    They are back at it again. What retention? Good luck with a 4% unemployment rate. Even the Fuzzy Math Camels can figure out that it costs more (COGS) to drive than you make. Like I said before, Dara turned this into “Wings.” You too can drive someone to the airport for half the price of...
  20. I


    Hello guys, Soo im new to this, here is the thing. Im about to buy a used car to drive for uber in NYC, im told it has to be 2006 or newer, thats fine, i want to know how is the business, how much am i looking to make if i work 12pm to like 10pm 6 days a week, how much is it to become a driver...