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  1. Driver777

    Contacting rider after trip.

    Looking for some feedback, Receivers complaint 'contacting rider after a trip' I did not think possible for driver to do... Has anyone had this problem, and why does uber think it's possible to do this?
  2. Kurt Halfyard

    Please Help Get Us Noticed!

    A number of Toronto Drivers have been deactivated due to some sort of LYFT software glitch. These are the founding drivers as LYFT expanded into their first international market, the ones that lasted a year and are very much the more high rated and enthusiastic drivers to be in the 4% of...
  3. R

    Charlotte Uber driver lawsuit against uber

    Few friends of mine decided to download uber app and use an uber promotion for new riders to ride with me.For example,he will request an uber while im next to him and i accept the request and give him a ride. Uber didn't like it and decided to deactivate my account . I already spoke to a...
  4. Mista T

    Accusations of driving drunk

    Ever wonder why Uber deactivated you when a pax says you're drunk? It's because they are required To...
  5. R

    Seeking legal recourse for service animal fraud by PAX resulting in deactivation from Uber

    I was wrongly deactivated from Uber because a PAX lied and said that I refused a service animal. The PAX never indicated that the dog was anything other than a pet and I didn't want the wet and dirty dog to get into my car. It was raining outside. The PAX also indicated that it was ok to...
  6. Ms.Doe

    SO! What are you doing now? Life after Lyft and Uber....

    So what are you doing with yourself now that you're no longer driving for Lyft and Uber?
  7. M

    First time deactivation

    I was going about my business this morning, picking up and dropping off pax. I had 4 customers altogether this morning and made almost $20. I stop at a store to browse while I wait for a ding, come out of the bathroom, and my Uber app doesn’t work. Turns out the one customer that had a $2.30...
  8. E

    One year reward for top drivers

    Hi all: I have been driving for Uber for 1 year now and have a 4.93 rating with 2000+ rides. I just reached my one year anniversary and then I got my unexpected one year gift. Gift? You ask what gift? Well without notice or warning I was driving around town and suddenly my app said please...
  9. Halfmybrain

    Impaired claim. Deactivated. Investigating...

    Apparently one of my three suburban riders on the way to the north side reported me as possibly impaired. They all seemed nice enough so I can't pin it on some jerk. Apparently it's common, and within 24 hours it should correct itself. Damn--I barely earned enough to pay for gas.
  10. T


    I drove for Lyft in 2016 (with no issues and a 4.98 rating) for only a few months. I decided to drive again this year and all my documents were quickly approved. On May 8th I started driving for the first time after my two year hiatus, but my driver app was deactivated after a few rides. This...
  11. BurgerTiime

    Uber driver fired for carrying concealed weapon

    http://fox6now.com/2018/05/07/you-cannot-tell-me-what-i-can-do-in-my-car-uber-driver-fired-for-carrying-concealed-weapon/ MILWAUKEE — Should Uber drivers in Milwaukee be allowed to carry concealed weapons? One man is raising that question after the ride-sharing service fired him. It all began...
  12. LAboy

    UberEATS deactivated me for SPEED

    * your account is put on hold for abnormal speed, you must be using a vehicle * So finally Uber decided to deactivate me too for a stupid reason, i signed up for a bicycle account and use my motorcycle, its not my fault they only have bicycle and car mode. I called them they said they will...
  13. U

    Abused driver & feel used & discarded

    I have driven for 2 years @ 1800 plus rides with 4.96 stars. No complaints no reports b4. I get an uber pool ride. I had a bad feeling but despite it accepted the ride. I pull up & see no one around. I call she picks up. I tell her I'm here while looking out my rearvew mirror. I see 2 rough...
  14. B

    Deactivated for self defense

    Had a biker try to spit in my face the other day. I got out and waived a bat his way to scare him. I drive away and pulled over when he ride up behind me to write my plates down. I get it again and shove him and tell him to @@@@ off He reports me to Uber and I'm deactivated. They said that...
  15. BkS


    Anyone been Deactivated By Lyft and was able to get re-activated? A while back they deactivated me because of too many cancellations. Basically all the cancellations were for line. I have a 6pax car and I won’t do pool or line. Is it worth trying to get activated again?
  16. T

    deactivated,i did nothing wrong,how to contact uber?

    My account has been deactivated!!! after moving to new STATE for 1 year. 3 years Uber driver. First 2 years in LA, then I permanently Moved to Texas. I changed my Driver License From California to Texas, Uber helped me Moved my region to Texas, 1 year in Texas drving for uber, everything...
  17. J

    Flex block restrictions?

    Starting Friday, March 9th, I no longer see any offers, even taken offers momentarily, for Logistics (packages). I am still seeing fresh offers. I'm wondering if there is truth to the rumor I've heard about a metric that can put you on different tiers for receiving offers. For example no more...
  18. LAboy

    POSTMATES has no pity WOW

    They deactivated me for no reason, i have not done anything that crazy, once i got in touch with them finally this is what they got to say: Thank you for contacting Postmates Fleet Support. I understand that you want to be reactivated, however, upon checking on your account, your deactivation...
  19. BurgerTiime

    Don't do this for obvious reasons

  20. P

    Banned from Driving Uber...

    I got my Uber Driver account deactivated due to a couple complaints of unsafe driving. I believe the first complaint was legitimate, and have changed my driving habits to avoid other complaints, but got another one 2 weeks later which led to my account being deactivated. I am currently driving...