1. K

    What’s up with the Melbourne forum?

    My browser takes me to the Melbourne forum when I type in “uberpeople”, so I’ve been it checking it out. It’s freaking insane. It’s full of Trump supporters and right wing crazies raving on about “Chairman Dan” and the lockdown, etc etc. I realise that parties that have traditionally looked...
  2. Ubured

    Is Cuomo a Hero or Liar or?

    VOTE He knew Italy was burning with corona, we all did it was all over the news and his troop at JFK the PORT AUTHORITY which is his biggest cash cow were letting travelers thru unchecked. The reporters were asking them how it was possible to just walk thru? It's on tape with various local tv...
  3. U

    Exposing Dr. Fauci, Ventilators and Falsely diagnosing patients with COVID-19 for money

    CDC encouraging doctors to blur the lines between COVID-19 codes (there are 2) because health administrators get money for the diagnosis of COVID-19 and they get kickbacks (GPO’s and PPM’s) for the ventilators. Also Ventilators can burst and further damage the lungs. The lungs are filled with...
  4. Desertrose

    Breaking News: ... Carnivore Deluxe calls UberPotomac a Communist

    Please post all your breaking news stories here: Preferably personal ones. I have posted recently that I want to be in tech. So, I finally came to the conclusion that I am going to teach myself how to code. I am self-learning each day how to code and I've learned to manipulate some codes of any...
  5. johnydynamic

    Government shut-down = more drivers?

    If this government shut-down drags on, I bet we’ll see a large influx of new drivers. Particularly in towns with significant government presence, eg DC. A quick internet search indicates that the number of federal employees furloughed may be as many as 800,000. If only 10% start driving...
  6. Karl Marx

    Is there a future for capitalism? It doesn’t have to become an uncontrollable monster I don't share this author's optimism because even though the Chinese have figured out capitalism the one most important aspect is that capitalism in whatever form, isn't self sustaining. We...
  7. Working4peanuts

    Trump just screwed uber drivers

    Oil has been going higher this past week because traders were anticipating trump pulling out of the Iran deal. Now that he did, oil going higher. He's single handedly going to get us in a war. Both internal and external. Impeach the idiot now before it's too late. $3.00 gas coming real soon.
  8. Roadster4

    Lyft promoting Trump

    I received this text message from Lyft yesterday evening: “Please vote Roy Moore on 12/12 to help drain the swamp! Put a Trump supporter in Senate. Put the false accusations into trash can. MAGA!”
  9. Frank Underwood

    Kalanick MUST Face justice

    Travis Kalanick - Enemy of the People! He must be tried and sentenced for his numerous felonies. In a just society, this degenerate would be tried for hostile acts against the people. He should be sentenced to 100 years of hard labour and psychological reconditioning (aka waterboarding, shock...
  10. Frank Underwood


    I think we can all agree. Uber is horrible. I rank the following companies as the worst in modern US history: 1) Google: I hate them because they are a propaganda outlet of the US government and have made people comfortable with surveillance state tactics. 2)Facebook: Convinced people it is...
  11. Frank Underwood

    The party of...

    I wonder why I dislike mayor bill deblasio, nyc, and Tlc so much it makes sense. They are all controlled by Democrats. Democrats are the following: 1) party of slavery 2) party of Jim crow 3) only party that has assassinated multiple presidents 4) party of welfare 5) deniers of the...
  12. zselonika

    Uber Liberal conversations

    Hi Uber Washington, I've posted here but not often, just from time to time. I'm an independent and does anyone else get super-annoyed by liberal conversations in your Uber? It seems like about 4/5 of my Uber riders discuss liberal/anti-Trump politics. I think that's VERY annoying. I voted for...
  13. Karl Marx

    When does are glorious PM go to DC to gets his instructions from Trump?

    The few jobs we have left in Canada will be handed back to Trump this week and in return we'll be getting more Uber jobs in exchange.
  14. Karl Marx

    The demagogues have thrown themselves onto the ash heap that has become capitalism.

    The entire immigrant Muslim ban by Trump is another smoke screen to cover up the failed Neoliberal policies of the last 40 years. Capitalism is now imploding on itself. They told us in the 90's that globalization was the key to world wide prosperity and we know how the capitalists decided that...
  15. Karl Marx

    Supreme Irony of giving money to the ACLU after Lyft's 1 Million $ donation.

    So Lyft gives a million dollars to the ACLU last week and pulls its' car off runs to and from Kennedy airport, in solidarity with demonstrations protesting the Trump ban on Muslims. Travis didn't have a bloody clue about what was going on and Uber cars were still picking up & dropping at...
  16. C

    Uber C.E.O. to Leave Trump Advisory Council After Criticism Uber C.E.O. to Leave Trump Advisory Council After Criticism By MIKE ISAACFEB. 2, 2017 SAN FRANCISCO — Travis Kalanick, chief executive of Uber, plans to step down from President Donald J. Trump’s...
  17. Karl Marx

    How Robots & Trump will Destroy The American Economy

    Prof. Wolff, one of the very few people that called the Great Recession, thinks we are headed for another and this time more devastating. Uber is symptomatic of the strategy most firms will employ in order to survive the next meltdown. The transition to fully automated factories and robot...
  18. Grahamcracker

    Just, you know, the Nazi thing

    I laughed to tears when I saw this. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Makes one wonder, will this forum need to change to #rhetoricalquestion
  19. BurgerTiime

    Uber drivers are bailing and joining LYFT

    Uber drivers are quitting because they're pissed about the company's response to the 'Muslim ban,' and about the CEO's relationship with President Trump -- and they're fleeing to the competition. Drivers in California, New York, Pennsylvania and North Carolina tell TMZ ... they've joined the...