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  1. J

    Mobile App and API to make rides more secure

    I have a system and technology to make it easy for Drivers and Passengers to instantly and securely confirm a ride match. I will be releasing a stand-alone app which issues a PIN for the driver or passenger to Confirm upon Pick Up. This eliminates the chance for the wrong passenger to get in...
  2. ItzMysh

    #CyclistAccountable thread

    So the other day an ignorant, arrogant, self righteous dude came here bragging about an app he created to report drivers who block bike lanes. Although this is taking it too far I agree we shouldnt block lanes, it is the law. But I also feel that most cyclists are arrogant as well. why not start...
  3. ConcernedDriver

    Got Scammed Today...

    This is a long one, but I think it's worth reading - I got hit with one of the scams going around today. While I was en route a rider called using the app and pretended to be someone from a local greenlight hub. He asked me to cancel the ride and select "do not charge rider" and to pull over...
  4. B

    Anyone successfully appeal "unsafe incidents" deactivation

    I got my second report that a passenger was "uncomfortable with my driving speed", and am now deactivated for having "multiple reports of unsafe incidents". According to the message, "our decision is final". I offered to show them the dashcam footage when I got the first report a few months ago...
  5. BurgerTiime

    Ford is recalling nearly 1 million vehicles w/ Takata passenger airbags

    https://www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/ford-recalls-takata-airbags-ecosport-suv/ By law, taxis and limos are not allowed to transport passengers with major factory recalls the may result in death. Uber/Lyft seem to get a free ride. Ford announced Friday that it is expanding its list of vehicles...
  6. Grubhub513

    Save Hundreds by Turning your Phone into a Dashcam

    Let's face it, there are people out there who shouldn't be driving. Those people are going to be the same ones who cause an accident, blame you, and end up making you pay half or more. There are many great video streaming platforms which have channels dedicated to automotive dash cam incidents...
  7. G

    Dangerous ride share drivers

    In Australia there will always be a high percentage of ride share drivers who will pass a police RBT when pulled over. Many of these same drivers will, however, fail a basic drug test. This is because drugs remains in your system for a much longer time. Unlike alcohol. How any govt thinks that...
  8. G

    Dangerous and suspicious behaving riders

    Riders' true or real identities are hidden from the driver and even Uber currently. The sms short code text verification of a mobile device and phone numbers is no longer in use. Riders can log in without the security code (text). Different prepaid sim cards are being used by riders to hide...
  9. BurgerTiime

    City cracking down on Uber/Lyft creating congestion by designated pick up zones

    http://m.startribune.com/downtown-minneapolis-to-designate-pickup-zones-for-uber-lyft-at-bar-close/501152462/ Minneapolis wants to designate a zone for Uber and Lyft drivers to pick up downtown nightclubbers and bar patrons at the end of the night, according to the city. The ride-share zone...
  10. pizza guy

    Update on the senseless murder of a Driver

  11. Kurt Halfyard

    LYFT vs. UBER on Ratings Adjustment

    The story behind a 1* rating I received today. I picked up a couple ladies who were going from North West corner of Mississauga to the Absolute Towers (The Marilyns) because they had a spa appointment. Daughter comes out to the car after 2 minutes. Says her mom will be along shortly. 3-4...
  12. Clarity

    Why have Calls from Pax Automatically sent to Voicemail while Driving

    Does this happen to anyone else? You're on your way to to pick up a passenger while following the GPS and suddenly you get an incoming call from that passenger, which blocks the GPS screen! Next thing you know you miss a turn or something worse almost happens. Missing a turn sometimes adds an...
  13. Marco Solo

    Fuber's new safety rollout will conceal pickup & dropoff addresses in trip history

    From Associated Press: "Going forward, Uber will conceal specific pickup and drop-off addresses in the driver’s trip history so that only the general area where a trip has started and ended will show up on the driver’s app, not the address."...
  14. safecar

    Any need for a *smart* panic button for drivers?

    We've seen a lot of threads on here about panic buttons and are curious to hear what you all think of our approach. The problem here is that Uber/Lyft (mainly Uber) have made some improvements for driver safety, but not enough. Last week's Uber release allows you to call 911 from the app with a...
  15. Daisey77

    Safety toolkit feature?

    I must admit, I don't know if this is a new future that's been recently added but there's a safety tool kit button in the bottom left corner. It's for drivers to share our location and an emergency Panic 9-1-1 button. Now the 911 button is definitely welcomed. However, it doesn't explain how it...
  16. Gone_in_60_seconds

    Cheapest place to do an honest Safety Inspection for Uber /Lyft

    Anyone have any recommendations and pricing? o_Oo_Oo_Oo_O - The key word is honest. Don't want someone trying to find fault to get repair work.
  17. gambler1621

    How to protect yourself from false accusations.

    So, I had a rider today who claimed to be a Safety & Security Investigator with Uber. The ride took place a very long distance from San Francisco. He was visiting from SF. Based on our conversation unrelated to his position, I believe him. When I told him how I protect myself from false...
  18. _SEAM_

    Uber and Lyft Suspend Driver Who Live-Streamed Passengers

    Uber and Lyft Suspend Driver Who Live-streamed Passengers From CBS News Ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft have suspended a driver who recorded hundreds of St. Louis-area riders without their permission and streamed the live video online. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported 32-year-old...
  19. Mista T

    Poll: Will U/L ever care about driver's lives?

    Uber / Lyft drivers worry about safety after attacks Ariel Wesler 8:06 PM, Jul 11, 2018 Unmute Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% Remaining Time-0:53 SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- Uber and Lyft drivers are taking drastic measures to protect themselves. Three violent encounters with rideshare drivers have...
  20. B

    Getting safety reports too often

    Each week, I get about 2 safety reports from passengers. Would this be a cause for a deactivation? Have you had similar experiences? Two is the maximum I have got so far for the last two months of UBER I have done. Thanks