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  1. Kurt Halfyard

    When There are More Drivers in Munroe (Hamilton) than Pearson

    Down is up, up is down! Cats and dogs living together! Mass Hysteria! This was last night.
  2. M

    Driving Record Check [LYFT]

    Hi all, I've a question in regard to driver requirements, about a year ago I got an administrative suspension on my driving abstract due to speeding 50/km over the limit, I did not convicted or anything because cops did not come to the court. therefore, the case dismissed. does my application...
  3. Kurt Halfyard

    LYFT PTC Woes [2019]

    I am not sure how many 'Founding Drivers' remain on the LYFT platform after 2 years (According to the research, it should only be 2-4%). However there are a few of us. And at least one driver I know is having major issues with PTC renewal. If you recall, this time last year (the 1 year...
  4. Kurt Halfyard

    905 or 416 [POLL]

    The GTA is vast geographically, stretching from Oshawa to Hamilton around the lake, and extending up towards Aurora/Newmarket North of the city. Do you 'identify' as a 416 City driver, or do you rigourously stick to the Suburban rings? You can select up to three options in the poll.
  5. Kurt Halfyard

    Lyft's DRIVER OF THE MONTH Pizza Lunch - Aug 29

    Anyone going to this? The Driver Of The Month event is at their Hayden Rd. Office at 3:30 on Thursday, which is terribly inconvenient for me personally. (And they only cover 30 minutes of Parking -- I imagine the event is longer than 30 minutes?) Either way, if someone goes, take some pics...
  6. clearport

    Making money using other gig-economy apps during slow times?? (e.g. www.solicitr.ca)

    Great advertisement... would rather have you support the website and avoid such uber/lyft tactics.
  7. Kurt Halfyard

    End of the SHORT Rides? BIRD eSCOOTERS coming to Toronto

    Will this end the Liberty Village / Ice Terrace Condo shorties on both platforms? Discuss. https://mobilesyrup.com/2019/06/27/bird-rental-e-scooters-launching-in-canada/
  8. Kurt Halfyard

    Lyft and their Manipulative Demand PrimeTime

    They’ve been doing this a lot lately, for those of us not transitioned to Personal Power Zones (PPZ). It’s misleading as it is Prime Time decoupled for actual demand. And if I recall correctly, you are just as likely to get non-PT rides in the full pink zone. I believe the actual red blob in...
  9. Kurt Halfyard

    $1.30/L Gasoline in GTA - Can you afford to drive?

    I saw most stations in the Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton at $1.30/L or higher. The cost of gas will only keep climbing as summer approaches, when demand increases, and additives for summer formula raise the cost. Is $1.50/L an ant killer? At what price point will you stop driving ride-hail?
  10. Zoomer3614

    The Longest UberEats Toronto Post Ever

    Direct link to a client's experience. Continued into comments as he actually exceeded the 40,000 character post limit. tl;dr he signed up for Uber Eats just for fun worked for a few days to get referral bonus, then quit after a few month worked for about a few more days/weeks, wasn't making...
  11. DARYLZ

    I have made my first youtube video about Toronto PTC bylaw

    Hey Toronto drivers especially new drivers, I think you should check this out. I am very nervous in front of the camera but the information I have shared is very important
  12. Underground

    Highest surge you caught this snow storm!

    I know the app shows 3x or 4x. The most I got was 1.9x What about you guys?
  13. Kurt Halfyard

    Talking Electric Cars on The Greg Carrasco Show (AM640)

    The host of the Auto Talk Show on AM640 was kind enough to keep me on for 2 full segments to try to correct some of the misconceptions about electric cars. Don't know how easy it is to find in podcast form. Maybe someone was listening while driving around this morning, and caught me trying to...
  14. Kurt Halfyard

    Please Help Get Us Noticed!

    A number of Toronto Drivers have been deactivated due to some sort of LYFT software glitch. These are the founding drivers as LYFT expanded into their first international market, the ones that lasted a year and are very much the more high rated and enthusiastic drivers to be in the 4% of...
  15. GetShorty

    "Toronto will look at mandatory training for Uber, taxi drivers"

    "Toronto has moved a step closer to requiring training courses for drivers of taxis and ride-hail services such as Uber and Lyft, an issue under scrutiny since a man’s death last March. The new 26-member city council, during its first full meeting, directed city staff to recommend, in a coming...
  16. Kurt Halfyard

    Festival R.I.D.E. Checks

    I sincerely hope that none of you experienced drivers would be using the app and driving around while impaired. That is the obvious part. What has been your experience on R.I.D.E. stops with Peel, Toronto, York, or Durham officers? I've gone through two of these so far this season, and one...
  17. Karl Marx

    " I Don't Want to Go to Toronto."

  18. Kurt Halfyard

    Coffee Time with LYFT with your host, SHAZ

    Did anyone else get one of these invites on the LYFT platform (via their texting alerts?) I got one, but Leslieville on a Tuesday daytime is not going to happen for me. Apparently they are targetted focus groups on both incentive structure and community building. Hosted via the Global Ops...
  19. J

    Pax changed her clothes in my car.

    I've been using my personal car to drive UBERX here and there for about 3 weeks now. Did maybe about 10 trips so far. Just about an hour ago, a young girl in early 20s(my age group) got in. Before I knew it, she starts taking her clothes off, I freak out, tell her she can't do that, she...
  20. C

    Would Torontonian Ubers be okay with this type of ride?

    Hi ladies and gentleman! I was hoping you might be able to give your thoughts on a particular situation today. I'm a pax. I happen to be blind. If I were to text you after you accepted my ping, asking you to come in and get me, take me to your vehicle, then bring me inside at the destination...