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  1. Pax Collector


    Say what?
  2. Ping.Me.More

    stealth, "pool fakeout-ping" trick (?)

    Recently while in the pit, I declined 2 consecutive Uber Pool ride pings within 10 seconds of each other, then I accepted an UberX ping about 20 seconds after that. While on the way to the terminal, Uber then added another rider, also to be at the same terminal . . . I thought, wtf, this ping...
  3. F

    Longest Pool Ever.

    Did a pool today just to see what the new rates would be . I usually cancel request after 1. 10 pax in total!!. What's the most pax you guys had with pool?
  4. Djhuber63

    No Pool for you!

    Does this mean we can now opt out of poo?
  5. T

    Uber fees more than driver pay

    i had this pool trip from downtown sf to sfo and surprisingly found out that uber fees was actually alomst double the driver
  6. I

    Day light Robbery

    I picked up 3 pools and 5 riders And Uber took more than 73% commission.
  7. h-ales

    Steet-smart paxy VS street-smart Driver

    I believe real frustration for a streetsmart person is another streetsmart. But, What about a STREETSMART POOL PAXY? yes, You’ve got it. Unless I was a nwbi, I would have waited more than two minutes.
  8. UBAntKing

    Ant Pool

    Back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back.... POOL. 9 in a row. Too bad 1 hour off from that stupid streak bonus. Otherwise wouldve been nice.
  9. H grrl

    Does declining pool rides count against you in some way?

    I’ve seen it asked, but not answered here. Does it count against you some how to decline pool rides? I haven’t had that many of them, but am in the opinion of the majority, that I don’t like them. One of the first ones I received, I was picking up the pax (Kylie), waiting on them, when I...
  10. Pax Collector

    No more pool

    Uber's IPO would mean that there will be a much increased pressure from investors to turn a profit. That could potentially force Uber to stop subsidizing rides, giving promotions, raise pax rates and eventually get rid of pool. What do you think?
  11. W

    The Pros and Cons of pooling, or is there a way to disable pooling in the app?

    I am wondering what the pros and cons are... I have a promotion that I need to reach 30 trips in a week to get some bonus. After looking at my account record, I found that I have only accumulated 4 (later about how it was counted. I am confused--I will start a new post on that)! So I figure I...
  12. CahalM

    Uber Eats Pool coming soon to a market near you

    I'm watching a video now and will include a link to the news article as well. Yes, the thread title is accurate; Uber has probably found yet another way to screw drivers! Uber is rolling out "pool" for UE; basically it's stacked orders. What does that mean for us? If you've ever done a stacked...
  13. Huggy Bear

    How Uber will become an ad company, starting with *Eats Pool* [TechCrunch]

    From: https://techcrunch.com/2018/12/10/uber-ads/ Where there is discovery in an app, there is paid discovery. Google helped you choose between links, then sold ads that promote a few. Facebook helped you choose between pieces of content, then sold ads that promote a few. And eventually, as...
  14. h-ales

    Paxy 101,

    Hello Experienced survivors, I have realized I need more education and classes of understanding paxys’ language, although I’ve been driving for almost two years. So here is an example, while I’m arriving to a pool destination then two minutes start counting down, I usually receive a call from...
  15. Veto_Corleone

    POLL - What kind of ride??

    Long time lurker first time poster here :) Curious if you drive for Fuber in SF, about what percentage of your custies are: 1. Express Poo (%) 2. Poo (%) 3. X (%) 4. Anything higher (%) Vs for Lyft: 1. Shared (%) 2. Lyft (%) 3. Anything higher (%) For the statistically challenged, the Uber...
  16. pizza guy

    Re-ping from a cancellation fee, accept or not?

    A rider you just cancelled on at 2 minutes exactly re-pings you after you collected the fee what do you do? Ideally you check the destination on your log so you know but often it's to quick. You've got seconds to decide. You know it's a ratings hit but you also know dollars are more important...
  17. johnydynamic

    A Pool boycott could work!

    A strike has been proposed many times in these forums. A strike will never happen and if it did it wouldn’t work for a lot of reasons that have been discussed in other threads. A Pool boycott, on the other hand, might be feasible. Everybody can still go out and earn but decline all Pool...
  18. soTuga

    Shared trips or Pool....the maths

    The operators found clever ways to rip off drivers on shared trips, here is how I think those trips should be charged: Also note: London's evening average speed is 11 mph. On normal X prices, one hour POB gives us a gross fare of £25.25 - 20% uber fee = £20.20 for the driver. On shared trips...
  19. Yam Digger

    Earnings after Express Poo

    Has anyone else noticed that their per hour earnings have gone down quite a bit since Express Poo?
  20. Djhuber63

    “Sorry I don’t do Pool Mate”

    Huge laugh today as I was delivering pax to Brunswick, new job pinged around the corner. Headed off to collect rider to notice “rider is walking to the pickup point” D’OH! It’s pool! I hadn’t noticed the minuscule “pool” identifier because the sun was in my face and I was busy seeing off my...