1. Kurt Halfyard

    Does Anyone Miss POOL/SHARED Rides? [POLL]

    No. I didn't think so.
  2. Nina2

    Why wont Uber get rid of XL

    It got rid of pool rides so why wont Uber also get rid of XL vehicles from its platform
  3. Waingro

    Uber Pool Suspended- No Share rides

  4. David Black

    You can't make this stuff up.

    We all should write a book about these interesting characters that we meet everyday! The proud, the entitled, the humbled, the cheap, the fancy, the know it all, the jerk, the racist, the bum, the drunk, the student, the careless parent.. am I missing someone? Tell me in the comment below please..
  5. S

    Good Idea???

    so after driving uber/lyft for almost a year now iv come to a conclusion that most of the problems w/ riders are riders who take shared/pool, and im thinking about not taking anymore shared/pool rides. Does anyone have the same realization.
  6. Ping.Me.More

    ORD pax requesting pool rides ?

    I got several UberX pings from the pit today, but all of them were pool rides at the terminals. What? Who does that? What a dumb idea! What if there isn't enough room for everyones's luggage and carry-ons? Anyway, I let them all time out, and so Uber then kicked me offline, and gave me...
  7. TheDevilisaParttimer

    Pool unavailable

    Had a pax complain pool wasn’t a selectable option this morning. I figured it was few drivers in the vicinity and everyone was declining anything under x. Keep up the declines!
  8. ubermunky

    Rejecting Pool Requests

    I've been reading on this and other forum pages that many Uber drivers do not accept "poo" requests. My (possibly ignorant) question is this: how do you do that? For me, at least, X and Pool requests look the same until I arrive at the destination to pick up the rider and the app tells me to...
  9. BurgerTiime

    Shared Saver: Lyft’s new ‘most affordable ride’

    https://www.theverge.com/2019/2/21/18233440/lyft-shared-saver-carpool-cheapest-fares Riders who select Lyft’s new “Shared Saver” service in the app will have to wait a few extra minutes before being paired with a driver. After that, they’ll be directed to walk a couple of blocks to an optimized...
  10. Pax Collector


    Say what?
  11. Ping.Me.More

    stealth, "pool fakeout-ping" trick (?)

    Recently while in the pit, I declined 2 consecutive Uber Pool ride pings within 10 seconds of each other, then I accepted an UberX ping about 20 seconds after that. While on the way to the terminal, Uber then added another rider, also to be at the same terminal . . . I thought, wtf, this ping...
  12. F

    Longest Pool Ever.

    Did a pool today just to see what the new rates would be . I usually cancel request after 1. 10 pax in total!!. What's the most pax you guys had with pool?
  13. Djhuber63

    No Pool for you!

    Does this mean we can now opt out of poo?
  14. T

    Uber fees more than driver pay

    i had this pool trip from downtown sf to sfo and surprisingly found out that uber fees was actually alomst double the driver
  15. I

    Day light Robbery

    I picked up 3 pools and 5 riders And Uber took more than 73% commission.
  16. h-ales

    Steet-smart paxy VS street-smart Driver

    I believe real frustration for a streetsmart person is another streetsmart. But, What about a STREETSMART POOL PAXY? yes, You’ve got it. Unless I was a nwbi, I would have waited more than two minutes.
  17. UBAntKing

    Ant Pool

    Back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back to back.... POOL. 9 in a row. Too bad 1 hour off from that stupid streak bonus. Otherwise wouldve been nice.
  18. H grrl

    Does declining pool rides count against you in some way?

    I’ve seen it asked, but not answered here. Does it count against you some how to decline pool rides? I haven’t had that many of them, but am in the opinion of the majority, that I don’t like them. One of the first ones I received, I was picking up the pax (Kylie), waiting on them, when I...
  19. Pax Collector

    No more pool

    Uber's IPO would mean that there will be a much increased pressure from investors to turn a profit. That could potentially force Uber to stop subsidizing rides, giving promotions, raise pax rates and eventually get rid of pool. What do you think?