1. M

    Profit Too Low For Drivers

    I am writing this on the heels of the forced resignation of Travis Kalanik yesterday. As we know the company has been facing substantial problems over the last year. My biggest concern was, as a driver the profit model did not allow the drivers to make a living. The fares are just too low...
  2. Maven

    Uber Needs Autonomous Vehicles - Desperately

    Uber has NEVER made a profit, not since day one. Uber will NEVER make a profit with the current business model. Riders pay only 75% of the cost. This is from Bloomberg News and some very smart financial people, not me. Yet, very wealthy people keep pouring capital into Uber. Despite all of the...
  3. Maven

    New App Needed: RidesharePro

    We all know that the way to maximize earnings is to maximize pings (requests) per hour and avoid short trips. Uber cannot be relied upon for either. The obvious solution is technology. The first step is for Uber drivers also join Lyft, Grubhub, and any other active service in their region...
  4. Maven

    Maximum Acceptance Time/Distance?

    An Uber request tone sounds ... anticipation ... alertness. Then it pops up on your screen 10, 15, maybe 20 minutes away. Groan ... disappointment ... decision ... Accept or not? Do you have a maximum time or distance for a request that you will not accept? What will make you change your mind...
  5. R

    The thread potential and current ride sharing drivers have been waiting for - how much profit?

    Hi San Antonio Uber drivers! Like many of you, I have wondered if ride sharing is worth getting into. 1. Does the profit for each trip (and overall) outweigh the costs? If so by how much? 2. How much estimated profit per trip? 3. How much estimated profit per hour? 4. What are the usually not...
  6. Stygge

    UberX ants

    By watching the rider app for some time I have noticed a pattern. The uberX cars are moving all the time! When I have them up on the big screen it looks like ants moving around apparently random. Uber black and SUV always sit still. XL is in between. Why is this? What is the rationale for uberX...
  7. kkuebler13

    New driver help

    Im a new driver to uber, and will soon be driving for lyft. What are some of the best ways to maximize profit? Has anyone tried on-demand delivery services?
  8. AmeliaIslandUber

    Wall St is figuring out that Uber is in serious trouble

    Couple of great articles here. Here's a great quote from one of them, Uber’s own study, delivered earlier this year, revealed a 45%...