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Passenger Knocks on My Door - Find My iPhone Locator

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Pineapple, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. Yes but all that is easily accessible on either Google when you sign back into a new phone or Iphone cloud.

    When I get a new phone it asks me for my Google login and once that's set all my stuff magically appears on my new phone.
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  2. crowuber


    I really don't mind returning them but I also can appreciate those who toss them. I am annoyed much more by people making a mess in my car, slamming doors, or somebody running to my car at 4 minutes and 20 seconds...
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    Los Angeles
    It’s holding down power and the up volume button. At least that reveals the power off screen.
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  4. Worst reasoning ever.
  5. I have a iPhone X’s max, ok so up volume and side off button turns my phone off,
  6. Correct.
    The point was someone only used to turning off a phone with one button won’t figure that out.
  7. Is your phone locked when doing this?
  8. Police actually advise those searching for their iphones
    NOT to do what u described.
    Law Enforcement prefers civilians allow them to approach the subject.
    U never know what Low life may be in-wait

    But, as u experienced, many still risk and conduct their own search

    Seriously, all that “stuff” on their phones should be backed up in the Cloud.
    It’s automatic with my iPad & iPhone .

    Lose the phone, u still have everything high in the sky

  9. Works the same either way
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  10. Yes, tried both, having the annoying Face ID, you have to turn phone away from you so it couldn’t recognise and unlock itself,

    I get that, I’m use to pressing all buttons in any random order, to figure it out, but can see how someone wouldn’t figure it,

    It’s like how the top volume button is also used to take photos, you can tell the ones who don’t know this, and struggle trying to press the onscreen button,
  11. nj2bos


    If you are smart, you won't back up lots of things to the cloud. Just because you people do doesn't mean everyone else does.. iCloud is not entirely safe, and a vast majority of phone users don't backup their files. Especially Android users. Anyone who throws a phone in the trash simply because it was left in your car is a heartless, senseless, uncompassionate @@@@@@@@. Gotta reevaluate your life at that point.. no respect for anyone but yourselves. Change that and good things may even start to come your way.
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  12. Christinebitg


    I don't care if a phone is covered by insurance or not. And I don't care if there are irreplaceable photos on the phone or not.

    Intentionally destroying someone else's phone is just wrong.

    Ever hear of the Golden Rule?
  13. I have heard of the golden rule.
    The beauty of that rule is that these millennials would never go out of their way to return my phone.
    So I apply the golden rule.
  14. LOL, I ,and DOD, trust the photos of my euro trip and passwords are safe in the cloud. You keep that padlock on ur file box !
  15. nj2bos


    Lol the DoD has nothing to do with iCloud. At the end of the day, you are just putting all of your passwords and private documents onto someone else's private server, and trusting when they tell you that they will keep it safe. Reality sucks. A file cabinet in my house is literally safer than putting any single file on to the cloud.
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  16. AWS has a $20 billion contract with DOD to service their cloud needs.
    I earned my cyber credentials from U of Michigan & EIT Digital
    Where’d u get urs ?

    AOL online? Bwahahahaha!!!!!
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  17. Found a phone this morning. Luckily it was dead.
    Took a nice dive into the Willamette River off the Hawthorne bridge.
  18. DoD are government employees, lol I don’t expect much security from any government agency.
  19. nj2bos


    Lol the iCloud isn't AWS... plus, that is a private contract and has nothing to do with files that you store to AWS. At the most, files you store to iCloud may eventually be encrypted with DoD level encryption, but there is always a period of time during file transmission where that file is not encrypted. Thus the risk. And I have worked for 8 years for a company that literally provides Apple with their in-house iCloud storage arrays. They have a storage cluster in Secaucus, New Jersey that houses much of their iCloud data. Believe me, that building is not the most secure, been there many times for other customers and much of the iCloud hardware is literally just sitting in a cage you can climb over. Credentials don't mean **** without real world experience.
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  20. Christinebitg


    Apparently you don't remember what it says.

    "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

    Do unto others as you think they would do to you.

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