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Passenger Knocks on My Door - Find My iPhone Locator

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Pineapple, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. Pineapple


    I found a lost phone in my car around 3AM, but wasn't sure who's it was as I didn't get any missing items notifications from both platforms. Drove the grave yard shift and came home around 8AM. I was hanging out with a fellow ant at my apartment sharing stories, and all of a sudden I hear a knock on my door.

    "Hey, do you know who's car (uber) that is? I know that I left my phone in the uber and need to know which unit that car belongs to".

    We were like WTF as I live in a gated apartment complex, and the couple drove to my house based on their phone locator. I mean kinda messed up as they didn't contact uber to go through the proper channels, but part of me was kinda like well saves me the headache as they showed up at my front door and I returned their phone.

    Almost forgot to request the $15 return fee, but writing this post reminded me and submitted the fee request.

    Kinda f'd up what they did, but part of me is relieved as this was the easiest $15 I ever made. LOL
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  2. Unless I see the phone within a few minutes I'm not returning it. It's going out the window or the nearest trash can.

    Not worth my time to deal with the hassle like you had to.
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  3. nj2bos


    With a lost phone the first step is always turning it off. If you are in possession of it sometimes the phone can get reported stolen and you can get into trouble for doing nothing wrong. IPhone and Android users with these apps, like Lookout, can also see the last known location of the phone. I had a lost iPhone in my ride once and was going to return it the following day. Suddenly I noticed texts coming through with Google Maps screenshots of my apartment. **** that, turned it off and waited for the lost item alert.


    Los Angeles
  5. Merc7186


    Buffalo NY
  6. I could care less what people think about what I do.
    My time is valuable to me and dealing with someone's mistake is not worth it.

    That thread got out of hand with all the goodie 2 shoes preaching.

    Problem is most phones you can't turn them off they're locked.
    My Note 8 for example, you can't turn it off no matter what.
    I have it locked and it requires either my finger print or password to turn it off.
    Holding the power button or holding volume and power will not reset it either.
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  7. Rosalita


    I've had just two left phones in my car. Discovered them both right away when they started to chime and drove them back immediately. One gentleman gave me a $20 tip for the trouble. The other, a drunk at a crowded bar that I had no problems locating as soon as I walked in due to her loud voice. She wanted to buy me a drink. I settled for a hug. I have returned wallets immediately too. Don't want to wait; don't care about the $15 return bonus. Just put myself in their shoes and would like someone to be considerate to me like that.
  8. Not easy to go figure out. Same on iPhone 10.

    But there always is a way.
    Google is your friend if you ever need to shut a phone off.
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  9. Alexxx_Uber


    I returned phones two times so far. Both times it was close distance actually. One time I got 15$ cash from pax amd no report to Uber.
    The second time pax reported lost item to Lyft. I returned the phone to pax, he tipped me 10 bucks. Plus I received 15$ from Lyft. Not bad.
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  10. Rosalita



    Nice! I'm a firm believer that doing the right thing always pays off. Somewhere. Sometime.
  11. Seahawk3


    Just put it in your microwave can't trace it from there
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  12. Not correct, you can basically put all phones in two categories, iPhone and android,

    All iPhones you hold power button until it turns off, can take quite a few seconds, this applies to iPhone so that is basically half of all phones you can turn off, if phone is frozen then up volume and off button simultaneously,

    Now android I don’t have much experience, but the ones I have turned off, like Huawei and Samsung, work similar, you hold off button awhile, or Huawei, you double click a button, a menu wil pop up, call emergency, restart phone, turn off phone,

    Older phones, you remove battery, phone turns off, so basically only a very small percentage of phones your comment refers to, even then I think they can be turned off, or let battery go flat,

    I’ve returned many phones, owners usually make contact ASAP, via in Uber app, or actually ring their phone, or txt it, I’ve only had two I never found the owners of, they never made contact, I kept phones charged for a month hoping they Would txt or call it, eventually I just posted them to the phone recycling centre, lesson is, if they don’t make contact in a week, ditch it,

    If you can’t be bothered with the hassle, drop phone on street, they will track it or let someone else deal with iy
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  13. Christinebitg


    And rightly so. That's EXACTLY what these drivers are.

    Karma is a b****, and it's coming for you.
  14. Had something similar happen. Guy left his phone in the car. I didn't see it when doing the after shift look around. Next day my wife is using the car and is at an animal clinic. Guy comes in to the clinic and asks who's gray Prius that is outside. Wife says hers. They go out and find the phone. Wife verifies he can unlock it and off he goes with it. Glad it wasn't at the house when he tracked it down because you never know.
  15. HotUberMess


    Oh man what a terrible hassle, answering the door and handing them the phone
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  16. Don't really care. It's getting tossed out if I'm not near them.
    I guess I would get over being pissed if they came to my house as I live way out in BFE.
    Doubt they would even make it on my property to get to my driveway without my dog eating them.

    The few phones I have tossed were ones that were a few hours earlier and out of my way.

    Who doesn't have insurance on their phone these days anyway?
  17. UberBastid


    When I discover a phone the first thing I do is try to remember if they tipped or not.
    Usually, it's easy because the last tip I had was Halloween of 2016; given to me by some witch.

    If the answer is 'no tip', I drop it in the nearest mail box. Right away too.
    I have driven away from a few noisy mail boxes.

    Heard a phone ringing in the backseat once. Remembered it was a couple of guys going out to watch Monday Night Football at the local sports bar. They tipped, so I answered it. It was the owner. He said, "We gonna be here for a couple of hours, no rush." I said, cool I will hang on to it.
    An hour later he called and I admitted I had forgotten about it.
    I said I had just gotten a ping and I'd be driving right past in a few minutes. He said that he'd meet me out front. He was toes on the curb when I pulled up. Literally took seconds to hand him the phone, and for him to hand me another handsome gratuity.
    The only time I've ever returned lost property. But, he was a stand-up guy, so ...
  18. Merc7186


    Buffalo NY
    A hammer works in most cases.
  19. nj2bos


    Yes but people have pictures of their kids, pets, work emails, voicemails, etc linked to their phones that you have to realize you are throwing out as well. Some of that isn't replaceable with insurance. Throwing it away is a @@@@@@ move and speaks a lot about how much you care about anyone but yourself. If it happened to you you'd be pissed.
  20. Nope. This is wrong.
    This does NOT work on iPhone 10.
    You obviously haven’t tried.

    There is a way, but it’s not holding down power button like on other iPhones.

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