UberPeople.NET Weekly Summary for Week Ending May 3rd, 2015

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Uber Excellence
BeurBeur for posting this thought provoking documentary.

UberHustlaUberHustla one-ups UBERxGcUBERxGc

Uber Notable
dmiller227dmiller227 shows us how to make the most of an evening And offers us a classy way to educate our ridership into excellent ratings.

Uber Inquiries
azndriver87azndriver87 wants confirmation on his winning formula for working guaranteed rates

JSM0713JSM0713 wants to know about Uber tips. So cute.
And has a second question concerning surge pricing. This one needs more feedback, so wonder over and chime in.

Uber Tales & Chuckles
ARIV005ARIV005 offers readers confessions from under the hood!

djinodjino has a new car that may be the bane of his ratings. Maybe riders think they're getting punked? Commentators advise duct tape! LOL!

Uber On

Best Driver

Desert DriverDesert Driver for hanging in there while navigating circular reasoning with Uber CSR's. Kuddos for your tenacity! It paid off! We are hoping you started a trend. http://uberpeople.net/threads/the-final-word-yes-uber-will-remove-unfair-ratings.18913/

Best Pax

ReviTULizeReviTULize had an on fleek pax!

Best Noob

LJ7006LJ7006 for recognizing the potential of driving, enjoying his first Pax's and reaching out to the Herd for advice and tips early on once he bumped into some legit concerns. We think you'll do just fine, Kid! http://uberpeople.net/threads/first-night-as-uber-driver-good-and-bads.18917/

Uber Failures

Worst Driver
This week's Worst Driver Award is a tie between to Profilers: One for Pax's age and one for Pax's race. Congratualtions! You're both Uber Failures!

UberFocusUberFocus seems to think that the over 50 crowd is the New Old and are "shitty customers." @CasualHabersasher reminded UberFauxPas that they should rethink their career choice. We think UberFauxPas should check their diaper while they're at it. http://uberpeople.net/threads/bad-news-old-people-are-starting-to-use-uber.18905/

d'Uberd'Uber for denying a couple of Pax's based on her perceived idea that she was rape bait. She asks:"Was this paranoia, or were these two "boys from the hood" looking for a blonde female driver to beat/rob/rape/all of the above?" UP agrees with BeurBeur in asking: "Or, is the blond female driver being incredibly racist?"

Worst Pax
SwordfishSwordfish shared a screen shot that is pure Uber Gold! He handled Ms. Waldo like a pro and gets our striped beanie for having to put up with this week's Worst Pax! http://uberpeople.net/threads/this-passenger-rubbed-me-the-wrong-way.19102/

UberGTAUberGTA for calling us part-timers "Leeches" and hammering ActionJax for his reality call.
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