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Uber feminist Susan Fowler needs to earn her M.R.S. degree

Published by Uberhousewife in the blog Uberhousewife's blog.

Uber engineer Susan J. Fowler’s blog about her sexual harassment allegation recently set off an official Uber investigation by CEO Travis Kalanick. I might be the only woman in America who finds her self-proclaimed “slightly horrifying story” not just slightly laughable. Fowler kept screen shots of the chat messages from her manager who, she says, was “trying to get me to have sex with him.” In my day, that was called flirting. I saved a string of delicious e-mail messages from my manager more than a decade ago. Only, I didn’t print out the messages to get him in trouble, but for sentimental reasons. You see, I married the guy from the office and became his housewife. Ironic that the word Uber is also used for Uber feminists who likely shutter at the concept.

As a female Uber driver, of course I’m concerned about how the ridesharing app handles sexual harassment, but only real sexual harasssment. Specifically, I want don’t want to be rated poorly if I EVER decide to drive away from a potential passenger who seems dangerous to me. I want an option to press, “rider seemed unsafe,” or “area was too dark and ominous for little girls” with no marks against my record.

Susan J. Fowler endured a conversation via chat messaging. She wasn’t alone in a car with a man who wanted to take her back to his hotel. She was perfectly capable of using her words, setting boundaries and saying, “No thank you. I’m good on the sex thing today. Now, how about we get back to discussing something far more fascinating such as programming languages, data structures and algorithms?”

Fowler found out that the HR department didn’t intend to take any action against her boss who was a high performer. However, they did talk to him. The situation reminds me of a passenger who complained about how her Home Owner’s Association and county hasn’t done anything to remove the alligator living in the pond near her home. I told her the pond is the alligator’s habitat. The alligator lives there. Even if the county removed one alligator, another one would come along and take its place. One could even point out that the alligator has a key role in the ecosystem as a “high performer.” No one is saying you should feed the alligator or have a candlelight dinner with it by the pond. But, grow up and realize you aren’t in an artificial environment where animals are just props that perform as we wish in the theater of our messed-up minds.

The Uber company does not have culture of sexual harassment. Our society has a major problem with male and female roles and relationships. Spend 10 minutes in a car with a 20-something-year old man and you’ll hear about his beefs with today’s women. Spend 10 minutes in a car with a 20-something-year old woman and you will hear all about what she finds wrong with today’s men. Disney encourages little girls to dress like @@@@@s. Watch any Disney cartoon to observe the often perverse double meaning. Meanwhile, grown women watch or read, “50 Shades of Gray” and learn how to attract a narcissistic sociopath abuser into their personal lives. But on the public front, let’s all come together in solidarity against the men who act like men.

If a man doesn’t flirt with some women, he might experience a woman’s passive-aggressive wrath. So, I’m calling out the Uber feminist B.S. Young men I drive around say they would love to meet a woman who wants to cook and clean for them not because they have to, but because the want to. Young women seem to take pride in the fact that they don’t cook or clean and plan to farm out the child-rearing responsibilities after a drugged-up labor and delivery. Fast-forward to their 30s and the women have emasculated, deadbeat husbands who want to be taken care of along with any other children in the home.

As far as Fowler’s complaints about the game-of-thrones political wars in the Uber management structure, so what? It’s called corporate or company politics. Why do you think so many people feel burned out working in an office? If you didn’t want to deal with company politics, you should have gotten your M.R.S. degree in college and let your husband put on the suit every day to brave the swamps full of alligators and forests with black bears. Women today want to go for a hike on a paved path with little water stations along the way. But real black bears live in the woods. And, they don’t get the fact that that paved trail is just your imaginary world where black bears never venture to maul feminists to death. Uber doesn’t need to investigate a sexist company culture. Do bosses and managers need to stick to better boundaries? Absolutely. But that applies whether male or female.

Sure, we can ask riders to pay higher fares to cover the cost of public relations people and human resource managers for a better corporate culture. Or, we can just grow up and realize the alligators were here first. Men dominate the working world for a reason. And, as a side note, alligators create gator holes that provide sustenance for other wildlife. Without the alligator, the ecosystem suffers. And without high-performing executives to bring home the bacon, an Uber housewife has to log in more driving miles to buy the new shoes.

Uberhousewife is annoyed that a driven executive type male passenger gave her a bad rating for her navigation skills today, but forgives him because at least I was able to use the ladies room while he gathered his brief case and important looking papers. Uberhousewife does not put luggage in the trunk for anyone, but you are welcome to do it yourself if I remember to pop open the trunk. Just don't mess up my shopping bags.
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