Retired Senior Sep 28, 2016
As a child of the 60s who tried everything and anything (yes, even wild lettuce and banana peels!) I have to say that I don't care that - in many states including my own - marijuana is all but legal to possess. If you're smoking pot you don't belong in the driver's seat of a motor vehicle. People have supposedly gotten a DWI for being whacked out on Benadryl (allergy medicine).

I see so many idiots on the road in Bridgeport (and Trumbull to a lesser extant) that I rarely ride with another person driving. If I can't drive myself I'll stay home. Between the pot-holes, the assholes, and the drive by shooters it takes a superman to survive - or, in my case, a very paranoid defensive driver.

So yeah, I'd be happy if a customer had one of those personal sobriety tests and asked me to exhale into the thing. I also hope to get a dash cam relatively soon so that I can keep a complete and objective record of what goes on in my car.