Scale for Rating Passenger

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The following is a hypothetical system for rating passengers. It may change from time to time and is not endorsed by any particular person or entity.

  • Do not close the rating screen until looking over the car properly even if it results in a lower acceptance rate.
  • For larger groups and other situations, may need to pull over somewhere to briefly get out and look.
  • Tips can only offset lower fare profitability. The ratings in the mandatory section can not be made higher by tipping.
  • Generally speaking:
    • 5 stars = you'd go out of your way for one of these rides.
    • 4 stars = you'd enjoy doing these rides if nearby.
    • 3 stars = don't want these rides.
    • 2 stars = really don't want these, could be trouble.
    • 1 star = definitely trouble, probably better if nobody took these rides.

Maximum 5 stars:
  • Fare $15 and over, regardless of tip.
  • Any fare with tip.

Maximum 4 stars:
  • Fare $8-15, no tip.

Maximum 3 stars:
  • Fare under $8 with no tip.

Subtractions from the above:
  • -1 for waiting more than 5 minutes or ping more than 10 minutes away (unless tip given).
  • -2 for waiting more than 10 minutes or ping more than 15 minutes away (unless tip given). Also may be better to avoid this case.

Mandatory ratings, regardless of fare or tip (try to avoid these rides to begin with if possible):
  • 2 stars = Asking / attempting to smoke or bring any open alcohol container.
  • 2 stars = Asking / attempting to carry more than 4 passengers.
  • 2 stars = Not giving proper destination, giving distracting turn by turn directions, or making unnecessary fuss over the route, pickup, or destination.
  • 1 star = leaving open alcohol container in vehicle after exiting.
  • 1 star = asking to speed, run lights, or other illegal acts.
  • 1-4 stars = abusive behavior, significant trash cleanup, damage to vehicle or other unsafe behaviors depending on severity.

Optional Subtractions (for whatever reason, these can be unpleasant rides due to an excessive number of 3-4 star ratings of the driver from them):
  • -1 for transporting group sizes of 3 or more from one party/club/bar (or intoxicated) to another (even if tip given). Maximum 3 stars for the ride.
  • -1 for situations where the rating customer is not in the vehicle (even if tip given). Maximum 3 stars for the ride.
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