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Epic Uber Lyft Juggling Fail

Published by Casandria in the blog Casandria's blog.

I first started driving for Uber a few weeks after my husband. I applied to Lyft soon after hoping to maximize my earnings. Uber definitely has the larger presence here, but Lyft has higher rates and the tip option on the app.

It took a few weeks for the weather and circumstances to allow me to fulfill my Lyft mentor ride, but I was approved and started the juggling act. When I first started, things were slow so it was easy to stay logged into both until I received the coveted “ping” and then log out of the other until the fare was completed.

Enter Uber's rate cuts and the guarantee requirements. The lack of Lyft fares drove me to focus more on meeting the Uber requirements which meant not logging out of Uber. This was manageable until things got busy, then it was chaos in motion. I soon realized that when things were busy, I had to choose and Uber's guarantees coupled with their larger rider base won.

Until the day when my Uber and Lyft worlds collided into the fail of all fails. I was on an Uber call, pax on board and had forgotten to log out of Lyft. Lyft had updated the app to verbally notify you of an incoming ride request along with the “ping”. Having pax in the car, I wanted to make it stop as quickly as possible and in so doing, accidentally accepted the fare. The Lyft rider was close and I was close to dropping off the Uber pax so I thought that I had lucked out.

Crackhead Sally (known to most as GPS) had routed me the wrong way because the pax had (big surprise) not entered the correct drop off location. I had just gotten the correct coordinates entered into Sally and was turning on to the next street when the Lyft app loudly informed me that I was approaching my Lyft rider.

I see him and he sees me. Doomed ships passing in the night. He steps off the sidewalk as he recognizes the car that Lyft has been so kind to show him a picture of along with a picture of me, the driver, behind the wheel. I have 3 Uber passengers in the car and have no choice but to keep on going and feign ignorance, leaving him alone and confused (and probably uber pissed).

Seriously, what are the odds? What sort of cruel cosmic joke is this? I'm literally 1 minute away from dropping off the Uber pax, but the new route takes me right past the Lyft pax. There is now zero chance of me being able to pick him up and maintain any semblance of dignity. The cancellation notice arrived just as I was dropping off the Uber pax and the hand that had failed me earlier in the botched attempt to silence the Lyft app, did not fail me this time when I clicked on the tiny pink steering wheel of calamity thereby severing me from the poor stranded soul and any others who might be on the lookout for a pink moustache to guide them home.

I realize that this confession makes me look like a colossal moron, but most of my worthwhile stories feature me as the moron. That being said, there is a lesson to be learned here: be careful of morons disguised as Lyft drivers and Uber on.
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