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Driving for Uber - A Reflection of Sorts

Published by Casandria in the blog Casandria's blog.

As I was booking our hotel for New Years' Eve, it occurred to me what I was doing a year ago that night. I was anxiously tracking my husband's fares making sure he was safe and later that evening, actually at 3am, I was cleaning up puke out of the backseat of our car. Not exactly a romantic NYE, but it was necessary for our survival at the time.

Some here will remember me from that time and the struggles we faced while my husband was still battling stage 3 esophageal cancer and we had sold everything of value to keep a roof over ours and our children's heads and food on the table.

Today, I was shopping for charms for my daughter's bracelet as a Christmas present from the same store that I had to sell my own bracelet from to keep the water on for another month.

Everything seems very surreal right now. My husband has been cancer free for 18 months, but not without consequence as his body adjusts to his new anatomy. There have been other devastating blows this year, but for the last couple of months, we have been OK, great actually.

We're more financially stable than we've been since his diagnosis. We're busy as hell, but it beats being broke and bored. My own biopsies came back negative, our 3 kids that are still at home are in all AP classes and doing well, if I run out of detergent I don't have to worry about how I'm going to pay for it. I was able to order a yearbook without needing to ask someone else to pay for it. My husband has a standard follow-up CT scan tomorrow and while we're both facing it with a little trepidation, since every scan and test for the last 18 months has been clear, it's hard to really stress out about it despite the stats.

So, given that I no longer drive for Uber and no longer have any first hand knowledge of the way it's working in SA currently, why am I posting a blog?

Simply because I recalled the events that led us here and the people and support I found here. We've come a long way and while I'm sure that Uber is still greatly flawed as it was then, without it, we wouldn't have made it. Beyond that, I wouldn't have made it without the support of many on this forum. I'm still in touch with some and expect to remain in touch indefinitely.

When Uber left SA in April, I honestly didn't miss driving. I was burned out and so was my husband. Some people are better suited to it than others. When it returned, we had no desire to start driving again and didn't even explore the new constricts.

Driving for Uber showed me the best and the worst in humanity. I had a couple give me a $200 tip after the conversation turned from her breast cancer battle to my husband's own battle and then I had drunk college students scaling fences and leaving trash in my car (not to mention the puke incident) as well as being hit on and people passing out in the car. I drove a few famous people who gave famous people everywhere a bad name and I drove virtual nobody's who restored my faith in the human race.

A small part of me is waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop while the rest of me feels like we've finally come out the other side. I'm scared to get too comfortable with this new state of affairs, but at the same time I want to embrace this time and our future and be optimistic. I truly feel blessed from the experience and the people that I met in person and here on the forum and I pray that those still driving stay safe and profit from the experience in every way possible.
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