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Do you accept long rides?

Published by Skyring in the blog Skyring's blog.

I was waiting for my next job in Civic, Canberra's city centre this morning. The World Hockey Masters championships are in town at the National Hockey Centre, and I watched the England team, looking very smart in fresh red and white uniforms, climb into their hired bus. The Australian team walked across to the council bus stop, somewhat less dapper in faded green and gold. And four New Zealand fans were waiting for me outside Macdonalds.

Boy, did I get a surprise when I hit the “Start ride” button and discovered the destination! Wellington’s National Hockey Stadium, and the Uber app had helpfully provided me with a map.

Long ride.jpg

I think the chap booking the ride must have had Autocorrect pick up one of his regular destinations, but it was mission impossible for me.

Nevertheless, I saw what it said, but I knew what it meant, and delivered them to the hockey centre a couple of kilometres away.

Good luck, New Zealand! You’ve got four charming and enthusiastic fans cheering you on!
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