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Cost of owning a Toyota Prius

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June 2018 marked my final payment to Toyota Financial Services for my 2013 Prius. Yesterday I sold the car for $10,000 cash. It had 96k miles and was in really good condition with a few knicks on the front bumper. I always had the car serviced regularly at the Toyota dealership. I sat down today to account for the true cost to own the car. Let me know what you think.

In 2013 I negotiated a sales price of $22,500 for the car. My Prius was a base model, but with the white "Lexus" paint which I believe added $500 to the $22,000. I felt the price I paid was a good deal that I researched beforehand. I was able to tell the salesman exactly what I expected to pay. With title, tax, and fees the total came to $24,636. I had sold my 2006 Honda Civic for $5k, and I used that money as down payment to secure Toyota's 0% financing. After the down-payment my 5 year financed total was $19,636.15 with monthly payments of $327.22.


Having recouped $10,000 from the sale of my Prius, I initially calculate my 5 year vehicle cost to be $14,636 ($24,636 - $10,000).

In addition, I replaced the tires twice for a total of $950 after rebates. I paid for a total of $1,115 in service, 80% of which was oil changes. Adding these two items to my cost I arrive at $16,701 ($14,636 + $950 + $1,115). I also have total gas cost tallied. The car averaged 42mpg over my 96k miles of use. By my calculations I spent $6,292 in gas. Adding that to the previous total I arrive at $22,993 ($16,701 + $6,292).

I spent a good deal on insurance, despite my clean driving record and what I assume is a relatively low risk car. Though I did opt for higher liability, I had a $1k deductible. My total insurance payments were $5,240. The insurance added to the vehicle cost: $28,233 ($22,993 + $5,240).

I believe my only other cost incurred was car washes (correct me if I overlooked something). According to my records I spent $1,390 on car washes. That included three complete details, however I mostly went through $5-7 drive throughs and vacuumed myself. My final total car cost comes to $29,623 ($1,390 + $28,233).

$29,623 total cost I break down to

per year

$485.62 per month

$.31 cents per mile

I believe I am on the low cost side of 5 year ownership of a Prius bought new. I suppose you could change the oil yourself, and drive with a little bit less acceleration, but I think I did pretty well and I hope this gives some idea what it really costs to own a Toyota Prius.
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