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Your "share" ($40,000) of Travis Cordell Kalanick's fortune.


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If just Kalanick's net worth were $6.2-BILLION and there were approximately 160,000 Uber-drivers in the U.S.A., EACH driver's "share", divided equally, would be about $40,000!

At $70 billion (and climbing), Uber would pass the market value of GM (GM), Honda (HMC) and Ford (F).
Will Uber Be the Hottest IPO of 2017? It is on track to generate an estimated $10 billion to $12.5 billion in 2017. All told, its losses for 2016 are an estimated $3 billion. With a large market share, companies use economic tricks to create an unfair market. The "hip" way to make a profit, in today's global economy is to monopolize a market (whether singly or as a cabal of a few entities), and force your vendors, subcontractors and employees to use their assets for your benefit - you get the profit, they get most of the risk and pay most of the costs.
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SEAL Team 5

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Many are using it as a job of last resort. Desperate IS "forced". What about the 40K?
There's still plenty of work out there. If people are still using Uber as a last resort then they must not of had that much "resort" to begin with.
I'm sure drivers can go get their 40k from Travis. They just have to drive about 120k miles for it.

Atom guy

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Travis doesn't have any real fortune yet. He owns a percentage of Uber that currently has a fictitious valuation. His "fortune" is basically air at the moment.

Another Uber Driver

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If that is the case, when there is a Class Action Suit, why is all that I receive a voucher from Subway for a free twelve inch sandwich if I buy a six inch?

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