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Your Hobbys....


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If I'm not working my real job, helping DD with her homework, or sleeping, I'm behind the wheel. My only break from this is travel, and travel is why I'm behind the wheel. Last year was Spring Break at Disney World and Christmas/New Years at Disneyland. This year is Oceanside at a pierside resort for Spring Break and two weeks in Puerto Vallarta in June. Next year, who knows!

Before all this, nerdy, I know, but I research as a hobby. Scour the tardweb looking for any and every bit of knowledge I can gather. My memory is fading and I am hoping this will keep me from descending into dementia.


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A new hobby of mine is watching cabbies, the vultures they are - wait in long lines like predators, waiting for the next PAX they can rip off and steal from then passing the majority of money from each heist to their superiors.



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I have too many hobbies. I have a dozen or so radio controlled airplanes. A few have on board cameras. One has gone more than 5 miles distance from launch. I have a lock-n-load ap that I assemble brass, primers, powder and lead. I have a kayak that destroys stripers on Lake Mead. I'm rebuilding my old 4x4 blazer. I program arduinos for home automation/security. But most of my time is spent shooting red and blue people in Team Fortress 2.
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