Your Best Tips?


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So far, my best tip was from a pair of pilots who left their flight bag in my back seat and gave me $40.00 for a speedy return of said flight gear.

Two nights ago, I picked up a couple from a Lou Malnati's pizza joint and I hadn't eaten all day. When I commented on how good the box of leftover pizza smelled, they offered me a slice, which I kindly took them up on and told them that was my best tip all day! Later on, I found out they also tipped me $8 bucks for a $10 ride. They were from Vegas in town for a wedding.


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$43.00 that fell on the floor
$35.00 on the cubs making it to the World Series from oak lawn to Beverley.


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It a always the late night rides for me. $10 to watch these rich guys smoke a cig. Then another $35 from one guy who felt bad I had to drive out to Weaton. I was like yeah deadbeat back was going to suck but they hooked me up so I didn't complain.


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$30 for letting a guy bring a dog onboard.

When I was doing limo, I got $100 for bringing a guy from a private airport to restaurant, waiting and then taking him to the hotel.