Your Application and Becoming a Driver


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Okay, so I apply to drive for Uber and Lyft about two weeks ago.Lyft goes fine and I'm now driving for them. Uber.....not so good. My licence was RENEWED 8/2016 and Uber's CHECKR system sends me a message saying, I have to show proof I've been driving more than one year. No problem, just send them a photo of my old license. Can't do that, they shred my old license when renewal was handed to me. No problem they say, just get a copy of your MVR showing past 3 years of driving activity.I send MVR showing no tickets, etc. ......but in Oklahoma the date of original license issue shows as 00-00- if you've been driving for more than 20 YEARS. Tag agent states this on MVR and has statement notarized. Send all documentation back to Uber (Checkr), and receive original msg. re: must show you've been driving more that 1 year, I'm stuck in an endless loop.....and haven't a clue what I can do. Any ideas out there ? Special email addresses I can use to get a real live person to help at Uber ? Really would appreciate any assistance here as I'd like to drive with Uber, but can't get my application off "dead center". Thanks folks.