You were on your phone...


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So. The second I pull up to a location, I text my passenger that I've arrived, and I dive into my phone, because I'm a person as well? I like to check my facebook and stuff like that.

This lady gets in my car at 2 mins 30 seconds and slams my door. Our exchange below.

Her: "I was trying to get your attention! But you were too busy on your phone..."
Me: "What's the problem? You ordered a ride and I'm here."
Her: "Just nevermind..."
Me: "Why did you slam my door?"
Her: "I'm mad because I'm not ready but I guess we have to go because you were ignoring me waving at you."
Me: "By all means, take care of what you need and return to the vehicle."
Her: "Really? Thank you!"
Me: "..."
Her: slams my door AGAIN

I wait another minute, throw her crap on the street, cancel no-show.

Check trip history, she was going down the street. I made more from the cancellation fee than actually transporting her.


I received a ping to pick up a lady downtown. Parked and sat waiting for her...after a few minutes I called and asked her where she was; her reply I AM EXACTLY WHERE I TOLD YOU TO PICK ME UP. Wow l thought this is how we're going to start off our ride. Let timer run out cancelled no show. Fee collected.