You can't make this stuff up.

David Black

We all should write a book about these interesting characters that we meet everyday! The proud, the entitled, the humbled, the cheap, the fancy, the know it all, the jerk, the racist, the bum, the drunk, the student, the careless parent.. am I missing someone? Tell me in the comment below please..

David Black

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sex in uber car after party/concert.
Kicked out two rats out of my Uber a few months ago. As soon as they got in my Uber "he" started unzipping and taking his pants off ? for a oral sex, i pulled over and told them to piss off, both! If you allow disrespectful people to get away with sh#$ like this, they'll keep doing it again and again. NOT ON MY WATCH!
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The people getting off the train going to work in tall buildings.
Ah! That fall in the "Fancy" category lol - The untold stories of those that enters the tall fancy building... ?
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The pimps, prostitutes, drags, millennials, drug dealers, strippers, scam artists, thugs, hood rats, etc...
You entire comment fall into the "entitled" category! The horrors I've seen in the hood. My favorite of all times is a lady coming out of a birthday party dragging at least 7 babies rushing to my Uber and before she got close I waved goodbye!!! LOL

How could you be so careless toward children and putting their lives in danger and possibly getting killed in an Uber without a booster seat; Oh! I know this...Because someone did the same to you!!!

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The sick: I picked up a lady at HUP the other day. Destination was Clifton Heights. Lady was blowing her nose and sneezing. Just my luck to get a lengthy trip with a lady with bronchitis.

Similarly, I picked up a guy at the Doubletree Hotel a couple weeks ago. He’s going to Jefferson Urgent Care. He asks me if I have asthma! I said I do, why? He asks if he can borrow an inhaler! I told him I don’t have one as my condition is mild. Not so sure I’d share one even if I had one. No tip, of course, for acting as an ambulance and saving him a couple hundred dollars.