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Survey says....



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I'm sure Rohit with fwd this to upper management ASAP :rolleyes:

These 'Please provide your feedback' questionaires probably
get sent directly to a company inbox all employees have
access to....

Something like: [email protected]

Anyway, I don't blame you for trying as I have responded to these
many, many times myself. Doesn't hurt to try, huh?


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Yep, as you see it.

I’ll probably get nothing but Pool pings next time I drive.
Jimmy don't do Pool. That .60 cent plus up is mildly amusing. OBTW, I love the "No Thanks" button. Uber is collecting data on drivers selecting that feature and they will find out that Jimmy:

Doesn't do Pool
Doesn't pick-up pax with 4.64 or lower rating
Doesn't pick-up outside 12 minutes

What is your criteria...hopefully you have some structure as well! Taking every ride is no way to go through life!


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Did not see it but I'm not surprised. SF.. especially downtown (financial district) is a cluster @@@@. Lots of Buses, Bikes, trams, LOTS of foot traffic, etc..

There is almost nowhere to pullover LEGALLY, in downtown sf.

There are metermaids on every corner waiting to give tickets out. I paid like 1k in tickets and thats probably below avg. for drivers there lol.. but its the cost of doing business there and cant write it off. But im sure allow of drivers cut corners.. illegal uturns etc.. but the city is CASHING in on our little shortcuts lol.

Because ridershare is a Big part of people’s lives in SF And probably every 3rd or 4th car on the road is an uber/lyft, they should allow a quick 20-30sec pickup/drop off.