"You are the only white driver I've ever had."


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Not sure but in Seattle I have a friend who is a white male. He says at least 5 times a week someone gets in and says, "Thanks for being white."

His reply...:o-o::o-o: "Umm yeah.....thank my parents I guess?????"

I myself being Italian and having a little Italian boot trinket on my console have had pax get in and say, "Thanks for being American." (After they verify my family has been here long enough to qualify. 1863.)


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I have gotten this a few times over 1000 rides.

Yesterday guy says he's taken 30-40 ubers and I was only white driver.

Are whites only 5% (or less) of drivers?
My uncle went and got a DNA test
Apparantly I'm 1.5% African LOL
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I bet female white drivers must get thanked a lot
I bet they get way better tips.....

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Actually now that I think about it there was an old guy a few weeks ago who said that he was happy I was American. I wanted to ask if his xenophobic ass would be unhappy if I wasn't. But I did the smart thing and kept my mouth shut. He'll be dead soon, anyway.
I'm happy that you eat bread and not rice. Beef and not lamb. Freedom Fries and not French Fries.

I guess you don't live far enough south from DC to get thanked for your skin's ability to burn easily in the summer.