****You are invited****


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Hello and welcome all of the beautiful people of UP.net. Today is the day I received my final promotion of 1000 posts on here! I am now a maxed out member of 113 points on UP.net
I would like to thank my 3 followers for reminding me about how many friends I had in high school.

I would like to thank Jesus for his part.
I would like to thank steveK2016 for his vast wisdom with tipping ideas and driving for Uber Select even though I drive X.
I would like to thank Cableguynoe for keeping UP.net funny
I would like to thank ChortlingCrison for maintaining his quest for Tedgey, UP's favorite missing duck.
I would like to give a hand out to Rakos for all the poo he has thrown at everyone, then using that poo hand to give a hand back.
I would like to thank Tr4vis Ka1anick for innovative ways to keep things interesting with pax.
I would like to give a thanks to DocT for being one cool cat and keeping my moral compass pointed North.
I would like to give a shout out to Shangsta for having the Archer avatar and always providing newbies with advice to succeed.
I would like to thank DamseLinDistresS for showing me those creepy comments. I still can't believe some things guys will say to try to get a date. Stay safe out there!
I would also like to thank Trafficat for being a strong member on UP.net and providing level headed advice and stories.
I would like to thank Uberfunitis for showing me just how important it is to be frugal.
Also thank you Coachman , Plato , MHR , swingset , Julescase , Uberingdude , htboston , forqalso , Spotscat , unPat , tohunt4me , KellyC , ShinyAndChrome , Uber Crack , SadUber and anyone other member I didn't name.


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Thanks cracker. That's the best compliment you could have given me!
I'm actually shocked your only have 1000 posts. You were one of the 1st guys here that I remember stood out for me from the beginning.
That means you don't screw around. Every one of your posts is worth its weight in monkey poo!