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Yet another driver deactivated for defending herself on Lyft

Discussion in 'News' started by Mista T, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. So, taking the case to a news outlet is the way to go if someone is unjustly deactivated. Got it.

    Sad that Lyft is run by a bunch of morons who think a female driver who defends herself from sexual assault with a can of mace is a breach of some asinine policy.
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  2. I wonder what protocal would be... I bet if Uber drivers called Uber support and asked them what to do about a masturbating pax it could all be resolved without driver deactivation?

    "Hi this is (insert name, Birthday) there is a masturbating dude in my car, what do I do to not get deactivated?"
  3. observer

    observer Moderator

    long beach
  4. bizly


    Fort Lauderdale
  5. I bet I can cause more damage with a nail clipper in my pocket, is that a weapon too?
  6. BurgerTiime


    According to the FAA it is
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  7. Rakos


    Tampa Bay
    Could that be called..

    Premature deactivation...8>)

  8. sounds like a lie
  9. Seattle_Wayne


    Greater Seattle Area
    These policies are put in place to protect the company for any liability or lawsuit. It's obvious they are not put in place because they care about employee safety. With that said, you have the right to a safe work environment but with Uber/Lyft it's a little more risky. Therefore, I would encourage all employees to carry some kind of means to protect themselves. If it were me in this situation, would I administer Oleoresin Capsicum (OC Spray) onto a rider into my own vehicle? Probably not. Now I get to drive home with OC in my backseat. Not something I would enjoy. Do I find it necessary for someone to administer such an irritant of this nature onto a rider who refuses to exit my vehicle while pleasuring himself? Well, I guess that depends on the person. I probably would not. Is it necessary and right for the company to fire their employee for not following policy? Maybe. Maybe not.

    It's the same for these retail stores with their no weapons policies. A man comes in and wants to strong arm a cashier and he/she just so happens to have OC or a gun on his/her person. She/he stops the crime. He/She is a hero. Company finds out, fires employee for violating weapons policy. If companies allow their employees to take these matters into their own hands, there lies the liability and lawsuits. The companies have to protect themselves. That's the bottom line here.
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  10. JimKE


    First rule of Mace: Try it on yourself, so you:
    1. Know it works
    2. Know how it will affect you.
    Second rule of Mace: Don't spray it in your own car.

    Third rule of Mace: Don't tell Uber/Lyft that you:
    • Carry it
    • and certainly NOT that you used it or tried to use it!
    If you have a confrontation with a pax which stops short of a physical assault, put your keys in your pocket, put your Mace in one hand, have your phone in the other hand -- exit your vehicle and call the police.
  11. Rakos


    Tampa Bay
    Kinda like those prenups...

    Butt...so much for mutual trust...8>O

  12. She needs to go to the news with this story...

    Like seriously..

    Me personally, i carry a can of whoopass a mag-light flashlight and a .38

    I've had to use 2/3 on drunken Paxholes...

  13. Jo3030

    Jo3030 Moderator

    Washington DC
    I see what you did there.
  14. CTK


    You do realize that you just read a news article about this, correct?
  15. I understand why the rules are in place. However, I disagree with them. If Lyft (and Uber) TRULY believe that safety is #1, then there would be practically no need to have weapons on this job. (I said "practically") But the truth is, drivers are taking 100% of the risk: physically, financially, mentally, emotionally as well.

    I have a conceal carry permit. I was fingerprinted and had my background check by the state and the feds to get it. These companies can get away with treating me like **** and paying me peanuts, but they cannot force me to relinquish my weapon, which I have earned the right to carry. I will take deactivation before letting some rando pax get the upper hand, with my life on the line.
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  16. I don't drive uber anymore and i never bothered to get on Lyft. Base rates where 69% higher when i last drove for uber full time. 69% HIGHER!

    And i've been in danger, didn't draw the gun, cause all i needed was the Can-o-Woopass and the flashlight to get the job done.
    The cab company allows the use of improvised weaponry in self defense, namely we can beat on someone with anything in reach if it calls for it.

    That's why i recommend everyone carry D-cell mag light. Legally it's completely different than having a billy club of the same exact size weight and shape of a flashlight.

    Guns... well...

    That policy is selectively enforced by the cab company. Cab drivers are targets all the time. Carrying a weapon for life or death self defense is not something that is unheard of for taxi drivers. If you can keep it in your pants and don't talk about it... things can be overlooked.

    If you brandish a weapon when a hoodrat won't pay their cab fare... Ya gotta go. You just can't do that.

    Now if i 86 a hood rat who had a gun drawn?


    As long as i wake up the next morning/afternoon i won't give a crap if I have a job driving a cab or not. Frankly all i care about is waking up the next day.

    I know some of the managers know that I carry. Frankly they don't care, cause they know i'm not stupid enough to draw unless my life depends on it.

    I'm not stupid and i know the management and they know me. The dispatchers know me by voice, the managers know me by name. The lady who signs out cars has my employee number memorized(not joking). There's a level of trust that has been built up over the years i have been a part time/full time driver. I have had a contract open with them as a sub contractor since 2010 when I start

    Cab driving is a smaller world where the company knows it's drivers. And i drive for a big one, most in the country are far smaller.

    Largely I let the little things go, i get ripped off from time to time, and I have had to deliver a couple of beat downs... A little bit of drunken brawling isn't enough to get me to draw.
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  17. Ant-Man


    Los Angeles
  18. Also you want the OC with the UV dye...

    Makes picking up the perp a lot easier.


    the UV dye klings for days.

    XXXX assaulted me and tried to rob me, here's the security tape deputy Dog.

    Then they pick him up, and...

    He thinks his face is clean.

    "Sir have you gotten any dyes or inks on your face for any parties or anything?

    "No sir" the man replies.

    "Have you gotten sprayed with pepper spray?"

    "no sir"

    *cop turns out the light and shines a uv flashlight in his face*

    "explain why your face is lighting up like the sheets in a cheap motel. The OC spray that magical unicorn tagged you with has UV reactive dye"
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  19. One Star Larry

    One Star Larry

    I’ve always lived by the motto better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

    In this case better to be kicked off Lyft than spunked by some punk.

    These platforms do nothing for driver safety so we need to take it upon ourselves to do it.

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