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Yesterday at DCA


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I was dropping off at DCA yesterday morning and there was an enormous amount of traffic on the exit to go to DC via GW Parkway. I looked at the app and it was SURGING at DCA at 2.7. I got pinged to pick up at Door 10 so I got lucky and bailed off the drop off ramp and circled back and picked up. We only went to 7th and D but the fare was 24 dollars. Wow..I have already hit the bonus and took today off but I will be back up there early tomorrow and going to go until I hit 200.


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I thought they capped the surge at the culturally sensitive airport named after a great President at 2.0X. I haven't seen it surge higher than 2.0X in quite a while, even with higher surge surrounding it. I've also been burned by faux surge there before.

What time was that at?


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9 AM it was because of President visiting AA Museum. Suitland was also surging at 2.2


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Happened to me too.but i saw the lot was almost full didnt have a chance and ping..... made 60 bucks yesterday around noon