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Yelp reviews of Uber

Taxi Driver in Arizona

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Bored, so I decided to correct your spelling. LOL.

Seriously though, the Yelp reviews here in Phoenix are hilarious. The positive ones are obviously Uber drivers and many of them are posting their referral codes.

The complaints are hilarious because it's either people complaining about the surge pricing, which they agreed to pay, or they're complaining about difficulty retrieving lost items. I have some advice for them, don't leave your shit in somebody else's car.
Wow don't leave your shit in someone else car? you sound like a complete @@@@@@bag buddy, do you think people intend to do that shit? Hell if some of these Uber drivers weren't shady AF Uber wouldn't be getting negatives


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What's weired (and sad) is the Google play store reviews of the driver app, nothing but ants talking about how great it is and how you can make money on you own time.. their not old reviews ether, I don't get it, there's a million fb driver pages with nothing but hate post and various Photoshops of Travis in multiple states of disscomposer, where did all these fuber lovers come from

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