Yeah, Yeah That's Me (Us) . . . Welcome to Neocolonialism, Exploited Peasants!


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Excellent article!

"We all know how old-fashioned colonialism worked: the imperial power takes political and economic control of previously independent lands.

In the traditional colonial model, there are two primary benefits:
1. The imperial power (the core) extracts valuable commodities and low-cost labor from its colony (the periphery)
2. The imperial power sells its own high-margin manufactured goods to the captured-market of its colony.
The Imperial Core controls finance and credit via its multinational banking sector, and it maintains high profit margins via its state-cartel model of production. The state enforces a cartel-crony-capitalist pricing structure in which competition is strictly limited to street stalls and black markets [in our case, used cars], and the corporatocracy can raise prices at will: for example, pharmaceutical products such as Epi-Pens can be repriced at will from $60 to $600 each."
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Yes, this is class warfare. Feudalism! Drivers need to Uber off en masse. Then they'll know who's really boss. We are the hand that feeds them!