XL ride needed early morning on 08/04/16


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Sign up for UZURV. Put in all your personal information, add that you want a charging cable, cold water, and a back massage. Then look for the cutest girl (or guy if that's your way) with the sweetest ride offered at 85 cents/mi., and set up your reservation for the introductory rate of 99 cents! You can add an incentive if you want, or don't. It's not necessary. Your selected driver will then contact you via your real phone number and then you'll have theirs. Or emails. Whichever suits you. When they arrive, both of you turn on your app, and you ping the driver. When you get someone else, if they are cuter or have a nicer car, you can ignore the one who you reserved with and just accept the new driver the app paired you with. Or cancel, ping, cancel, ping....

Or just follow kenny Roge's advice and just turn on the app 15 minutes before you're ready to leave, see what the wait time is, and be ready with toes on the curb when the driver gets there.

Or - someone here will hook up with ya.


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UZURV is your best option. I do live in that area though. QP271WZ is my UZURV Favorite Driver code.
HyperDave, I have a question... Do you know, or have you made an inquiry to UZURV
or to Uber or Lyft about how pre-arranging the rides through the reservation app affects
the agreement between the driver and the TNC (uber, lyft) ?

Does Uber even allow a service like UZURV to be part of the equation in the terms and
conditions of their agreement? Can they even do anything to oppose someone using UZURV
when ordering a ride thru the app ? (even though it's pre-arranged). Do they frown on it ?

If you know, please share. I don't have enough data about UZURV to know or speculate on
who's likely to get mad at who if something goes sideways. Thanks. :smiles:


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UZURV doesn't interface with Uber or Lyft or any other app for that matter. It's simply a scheduling tool. The only reason you have to pick one or the other or both is to ensure that the rider is able to ping the driver when they arrive. Since there is no physical connection to the app, there is no breach of TOS.

I've already expressed over a half dozen reasons why it's a dumb app to have (even though, yes, I've disclaimed that I've installed it, too). But the legality of it is the least of my concerns with the app.