XL (Lincoln Navigator) or X in Hyundai Sonata


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Ok...I have debating this for months....

I only drive on a Friday or Saturday night for the bar crowds from about 9:00 PM to 2:00 AM.

I can either drive a Lincoln Navigator (14 MPG) or a Hyundai Sonata (30 MPG). Which one should I drive? Taking into consideration costs? How much I will make?

Should I take X's in my Navigator? or just XL?



If your Navigator is a 2009 or newer, it will qualify for Premium and PremiumSUV. However, Premium requests are rare and you’ll likely use your nice car to pick up lousy UberX drunks (like mine). I’m in the Stamford/Greenwich area, and usually will only do UberXL for a while if I’m feeling agressive (the distance rate is nearly doubled compared to X).

Considering your circumstance, it’s all dependent on your situation. If you generally take shorter trips and doing a lot of idling you’re probably better off in the Navigator as fuel economy isn’t prime for either car. Also, with the Navigator you have that chance to have an XL (likely) and Premium (depending).

If you’re a long trip person, stick with the Hyundai. Fuel economy will be your best friend on the highway and in/out of NYC.

I personally avoid “Long Trips” now unless it’s an XL request for the pay is much more.

Hope I helped :smiles:


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Lincoln should qualify for all 4 platforms . I would go online and DESELECT uberX, and give only rides to the top 3 platforms. all you need is just one good premium ride to make your day. I have a friend who had a premium ride from Hartford to new haven. that 50 min ride netted him $100