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XL Guarantee Weekend

Discussion in 'Jacksonville' started by GK1, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. GK1


    Hi guys. Is anyone else taking advantage of the XL guarantee this evening?

    I've asked Uber support to setup (as an option) my vehicle for XL requests only.

    Since this is my first night as XL only , how much did you guys make?

    If I find myself not busy I'll definitely start requesting X as well

    See you guys/gals on the road!
  2. Logged in on uber black for a few hours today. Got no requests. Maybe XL is getting them all? Idk.
  3. 2hot2handle


    XL should be hot tomorrow with the game and all, so I would think anyways.
  4. Friday was on 11-3. Sat in downtown good placement, not one ping. Ok, moved to SS, again, good placement. One hr. No pings, but learned Larry's drive through open at 1:30, ;)

    Emailed support. I can't meet the minimum 4 rides , so I loose my guarantee? That sucks..

    5 min after email I get an XL. 2:30 now, only one ride. Switch to x/xl both and BAM. Best night ever. X and XL started coming In the next 3 hrs. Went home happy.
  5. Was on for quite a while both Friday night and Saturday night. I understand XL trips aren't as frequent as X trips, but I waited for almost an hour before deciding to go to my X/XL profile. We don't make money idle and I do understand that I need to pick profitable trips, and not to just accept every ping that I get. But why throw out this big email to guarantee money when we can't meet the requirements.?
  6. Not sure how long you've been at this game, but uber uses all sorts of dangling carrots and psychology to get you to do what it wants without outright assigning you to do it.

    Uber promises huge weekends, and you better bet that any time uber sends out mass emails promising huge weekends, there will be over saturation. You will be disappointed.

    The guarantees are usually total bull****, too. You will have conditions that will be difficult to meet.

    Some wise anon on this forum once said that the best way to do this uber gig is to pretty much ignore absolutely everything uber says.
  7. GK1


    My efforts concerning the guarantee mirror that with Smoothride and runningspot.

    Friday started great getting an XL around 10 almost immediately when I fired on the app as XL requests only. Great bunch of guys (and hilarious) the ride to downtown (club Marx) was perfect. Perfect because they were great tippers! made about$50 in about 18mins. They were asking how do they request just me again, but I told them that the best I can do is pass them my number.

    After all that then deafening silence.....

    And like everyone here just wanted to stay profitable and busy so I switched to X/XL.

    I did Okay for the evening but was expecting (what was I expecting?!?) to have a much better evening (by magnitudes) as XL as compared to just X.

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