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I sold my car and bought a mini van recently, quite frankly, because the X payout had been reduced to only cover gas, depreciation and maintenance of the car. Driving X is driving for free. BTW, changing vehicles was no easy task! Within a month of my switch, I get a request that before I can sign in to the Partner App, I have to agree to new terms. "Oh oh, this can't be good," I thought. The terms were written so small that I could hardly make anything out, nor could I enlarge the script.

What I did see was a huge pay cut as Uber would now take 28% of the XL fares instead of 20%. Wow, I'm not surprised. Moreover, the last two driving days absolutely stunk! It seems to me that Uber looks at drivers as stupid chumps who exist only to be taken advantage of. Maybe I'm wrong, but I doubt it. It's just not right that they tell you you'll get paid a certain amount, and you expect that amount. Then, after you invest your time and money and reject other job offers, Uber pulls the rug out from under us. Not to mention leaving us with deteriorating vehicles, worn out suspensions and devalued cars.

It is immoral to use gimmicks and guile to trick decent people to work for them so only the corporation can be enriched. I feel they have no desire to see the prosperity of their "partners." It's like getting a job and being rewarded for good performance with a pay cut every 3 months or so. But they do it with a smile, explaining how it is good for you! I even wonder if these people have a conscience. What ever happened to the concept of fair pay and straightforward terms? Not here. It's like they are constantly conning drivers into working over and over again.

Thinking about selling my minivan.


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Yeah....I didn't know it was 28% until after I signed up. What's really @@@@ed up is the cancellation fee for an XL is the same as an X ($5.00) and they take 28% of that! Plus watch out for riders who try to take advantage of the increased luggage space in your car when you get an X order or if you have an SUV on snow days.