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Your payments are deducted from your earnings. I'm sure you can't just pay the lease from a bank account.

Ie., no double dipping. Enslave yourself to Uber instead of driving for Uber and Lyft for more profit. But if I could just rent the thing, those terms aren't bad. They want to lock more dumb drivers into Uber. It might be better terms than the old lease, but that's a huge gotcha.


Anybody received the xchange email leasing program for Uber, trying to read and understand all the terms, I understand with $250 deposit we should be fine to drive. But it also says security deposit required...??
Anybody knows anything or signed up already ?? How does it work ??

That's breaking news to me. Only thing I've seen is the "Vehicle Solutions" tab in the driver app and according to Uber that's for UberBlack only...not UberX