Xchange Leasing


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this xchange lease program is aweful.
680 a month (170 per week) plus over 100 dollars for insurance plus taxes ...

I don't know who does this for two years and then buys a car they run into the ground ... then opts to buy the car with a shit ton of miles for 5,000 dollars after that ... but whoever that person is must have some really shitty credit and in dire need to dept and car.

I have a life ... and the times of the day I would have to drive just to make payment are ridiculous.

Uber bought this car then leases it for almost double ... trying to make a REALLLY big profit from it ... even though you're already making profit from each ride.

that's some bargain for you.

a new car to buy is going to be at least 300 to maybe 500 a month ...

why and who in the @@@@ would pay you almost 200 to 400 a month additional to that?

plus insurance plus taxes plus gas?

me apparently ... but not for long.
this is bullshit.