xchange leasing accident! HELP!


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Hello everyone!

After a busy night of picking up drunkies in LA and taking them home, I turned on the filter to go home myself, back to the OC. UNFORTUNATELY, on my way back home, I was on the 5 South and all of a sudden I was hit by a flying wheel. My poor little Prius was completely smashed in the front and wouldn't let me drive. The owner of the flying tire never stoped!

Now, I've never been in a a car accident and to add the car is leased thru xchange. I called my insurance and someone is going to be looking at the car tomorrow to tell me how much everything is going to be or whether my car is totaled or not. I'm not sure if I have to contact uber xchange to let them know what happened or just deal with my insurance. Has anyone gone through an experience like mine or similar? any advice?
should I get a lawyer?


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the way that i see it with xchange and i have an xchange car too myself is that if anything happens to it, do not go through the metromile mile insurance like i have for it.

don't say nothing to uber, don't so nothing to metromile, just fix it yourself and find the best place that can do it for you under the table, whatever it takes, etc

why did we get uber xchange in the first place? it's because of our bad credit history, LOL ain't that the god honest truth