Wyndham golf tourney in gboro


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Anyone have any knowledge of how the tourney is affecting ubering? Tiger woods is there so the world is as well.

I was going to head to gboro to uber friday-sunday...I emailed uber they said I couldn't without switching cities and submitting new background check but I'm pretty sure they're wrong. I'm located in Fayetteville but uber in both Wilmington and Raleigh. I'd be surprised if Greensboro doesn't work. Any insights?

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My understanding is that you are good in any part of the state that has service. I've taken rides in the Outer Banks and the mountains when I've been there. I'd be surprised if it's worth the effort but best of luck to you!!


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Oh it would be worth exploring the Greensboro market, which will certainly beat Fayetteville. Plus who knows maybe I'll uber tiger to his hotel. Ha!