WTH is this?!?!?!


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Since when is the Safe Rider Fee $3.00???


This is the statement for next week, since 2 of my rides early this morning took place after the weekly cutoff.


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Did you pick up a bunch of people in XL? It costs .50 cents for each person they split the fare with so if you had 6 people and they split it between all of them it would be $3.00


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From Partner Support:

Thanks for reaching out. Happy to explain.

I've checked the trip number that you have provided and I found out that the Safe Rides Fee for this trip is $1.

Here is the fare breakdown...

Base Fare: $1.00
North Airport Entrance Surcharge: $2.00
Safe Rides Fee: $1.00
DFW Airport Surcharge: $2.00

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions. We're here to help!



So apparently they bury the DFW airport fees in the Safe Rides Fee now.
Note, this is NOT the $2 toll we are charged when we enter the airport...
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