WTF is going on??


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had gold status for a while but the 2.0 rates were becoming less and less on fri/sat and generally so I didn't drive enough make the gold status this week. When this happened before I would go to the default status which was silver but this week I didn't get even that. I got this stupid hourly guarantee which SUCKS and this week not even that is there.

When I go to "upcoming promotions" in the app it says "there is no upcoming promotions". Yet I still see no real surge like before the promotions for silver,gold, platinum started which leads me to believe that although I have no promotion other drivers do and that is why there is no surge real surge? ?

Maybe my cancelation rate was too high and then just took me off the promos?? Or maybe the promotions for the other drivers will end soon b/c uber didn't want to end them all at the same time? Any feedback would be great. Are any of you out there on the silver,gold, platinum thing?


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I have gold status but have not driven this week yet.. As you can see LA county is flooded with drivers so you must be extremely lucky to get decent rides cause surge does not exist during the weekdays for now...

Nathan Diaz

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I've been receiving guaranteed every other week for 2 months now, haven't done it yet. They send it to you even if you don't do any ride the week before, which explains the super saturation of drivers on the road..


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Judging from the weekday surges the weekend surge is going to suck. Wish I had gold status for this weekend b/c the surge is going to be mute. We'll see what they throw at me next week. If they don't pay I don't play; simple as that.