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Did UberX but pick ups are starting to dwindle in my area, depends on the day though, I don't mind long pick up times, usually there are long pick up fees, had one the other night, 20 min to pick up for a five min trip, I know the avg 5 min on uber pays roughly around 3-4 dollars, but with long pick up and no tip made $17 (rounding up to nearest dollar) not all of the trip are like that some are more some are less. But on good night I make 60-90 within 3 to 4 hours bad night are roughly 50-70 within same timeframe. I'm not praising uber as they still try and screw me on fares, but that is another story.
Same in suburban Chicago. Lots of ride requests from 10 to 20 minutes away. I've always declined those that are more than 9 minutes away.

The rides I'm picking up within 10 minutes of my house are turning out to be the same 10-15 people. Work or shopping regulars.

I've learned to decline Roberta. Always 15 bags of groceries and a 2 year old who likes to push window buttons. Never tips.
jiust put these unwanted rider on blacklist and you will never receive any request from them again


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I drive in the DFW market.. it seem like every ride is 20 minutes away. I'm I the only one?
I get Lyft pick-ups from 20+ miles away in another market. Sure Lyft, I'll drive 20+ miles for a $2.50 pick-up at Walmart with 2 carts of groceries to wait while they load and unload.

I stopped running Lyft and will most likely not start running them again. I make less gross sales however my earning per mile is up just running Uber. At least Uber pays long pick-up fee after 5 minutes in my market. Make it easier to take those pick-ups on slow days.

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No company in history has been successful by continuing to screw it's workers.
Sadly, the goal may not be to have a successful company.

Travis pretended to care about being successful... grabbed a few billion and ran. Lyft co founders together own 48% of the voting rights at Lyft... I suspect they plan to get bought out and move on as well.


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Hardly any Eats drivers around in my area either. I get pings from other side of the mountain, where it's more populated, and left scratching my head there aren't any drivers up there. Uber sent me a double order like that yesterday, probably..... 20 minutes to pickup the food. They estimated the delivery at 1 hour of my time with a base of $16. Ummm..... no thanks. Stayed in my area waiting on a local ping.

Then I had several, one being Arby's for example. I could almost see an Arby's sign from where I was sitting. Yet the request was for an Arby's 10 minutes away, and the drop location perhaps 1 mile from where I was sitting. Had 2 Taco Bell's and a Chick-Fil-A that were similiar. Decline - Decline - Decline - Decline. I actually took 1 Taco Bell that was like this, but it was $6 estimated and I was next to the Taco Bell to pickup. Where I delivered, 5ish miles away, had a Taco Bell no more than half a mile from it. Cheap bastard only tipped $1.75 too :confusion:.


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I don't know what's going on in your markets.... But I drove 335 miles today and was busy as heck. And that includes all the stupid 10+ min away rides I declined. Was busy all day.
If you make too much money in Illinois, your under-employment Pandemic $$$ is terminated. I'm out 5 to 6 hours daily, but turning down more than 50% of the requests.

Gotta stay out of the house to keep the (scared of Covid Flu) wife from assigning me some big ass home improvement project. I'm allergic to Home Depot and Menards, lol.
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The idiots are the ones driving in this pandemic for what 0.32 cents a mile.
Check this out: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/

Only 267 out of every 1,000,000 (1 million) people in this country (usa) have died of Covid-19 since the beginning of the year. It's just a relatively mild epidemic. Certainly not worthy of shutting down entire states.
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If you make too much money in Illinois, your under-employment Pandemic $$$ is terminated. I'm out 5 to 6 hours daily, but turning down more than 50% of the requests.
Unlike other drivers I'm reporting my weekly income as, Actual income - $.575 X actual Milage = weekly actual PROFIT. And thus I haven't had a profit in Months so I end up CERTIFYING that I've made ZERO each week...

And that's how I intend to report it for the next 39 weeks, which will pay me the maximum benefit while I'm driving still... Surprisingly even with that I'm still making less than I did before the government shut down the economy....

Many tell me this is not the right way.. I disagree... It's exactly how I report my taxes each year... What makes the state better than the IRS.. I didn't set up the system... They did and the Fed stimulus tells you to report PROFITS after costs not GROSS INCOME Which is not an accurate picture of my businesses weekly Profits.

What's the worse thing that could happen? They ask for proof? And I send em my NET LOSS Tax returns from the last 2 years...not like U/L is going to report my Gross anything....

Anyway I'm beating a dead horse... Y'all do it your way... I'll do it mine... And YES I'm man enough to come back and post about it if I ever have a problem with UI based off this way of doing it....

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I drive in the DFW market.. it seem like every ride is 20 minutes away. I'm I the only one?
Same thing is happening here. I don't mind if the ride is ~$10 but when it is a $3 ride it just pisses me off and makes me go home. Zero surge from Lyft despite all this as well. Zero guarantees. Nothing. Just a bunch of people waiting 20 minutes at the grocery store to go down the block for $3. Ugh.

I doubly hate it because I like to work certain areas to avoid these crappy rides but now they are sending me to bad areas 10 miles away for a $3.50 ride.

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It is because of the new Lyft wait and save option. The option which causes drivers to lose money due to having to travel farther then normal so it takes 15 minutes plus to pick them