Wrong Pax pick up


I get to the pickup on Lyft this evening... & see one pax enter a vehicle .... and another pax standing around lookin on his phone ...
I pull over waiting for the pax (I do have a lit Lyft logo in windshield) ... He didn't acknowledge me or anything but I knew he was waiting for a ride
About a minute later ... I get a phone call .... the pax I was supposed to pick up got into the wrong car ... but here comes the kicker .. he WANTED ME to Cancel LOL (It was past 5min since I had arrived too :smiles: ... (of course I told him that HE would have to be the one to Cancel ... which he did)
I think the guy that was standing around "waiting" ... was waiting on a Uber ... & my Lyft pax got in the Uber by mistake.
Always ask the pax name . I've had a couple instances where pax just want to open the door "assuming" you're their Uber ... & I'm driving Lyft at the time .. clearly lit & displayed in the windshield