Written Confirmation that the Pool Pilot Program is Over


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Received this email today. This sucks. So they tested out a program whereby drivers would get paid X rates for Pool but they realized they'd be paying out too much money. So instead they slapped on an insulting 95-cent pickup bonus.

This company is all talk and no action. No, correct that - they are ALL action - and their actions tell us exactly how much they care about drivers. ZERO!



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Yea I got it too but they are a day late I already accepted a couple of pool rides the other day :frown:



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This email gave me a good laugh. I've only done about 3 pool rides this whole year and they lost money on all of them. They have been high surge rider rematch. I use to cancel all rematches until I tested it and they really do pay you the surge price on the ride you originally accepted which actually is really profitable when applied to a pool. Screenshot_2017-08-28-15-47-42.jpg