WOW... Uber surprised me with a nice guarantee payment...


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I am normally very skeptic of Uber's guarantees, so much so that I totally ignore them. Their is normally so much fine print that it's not worth the hassle to track and monitor it. I just drive and hope I end the week with a decent number. Well I looked at today's statement and Uber is paying me a total of $350.00 extra. $44 is because of their application screw up (was down for awhile on Friday night I believe) and then an extra $306 for the $40.00 per hour promotion. As stated above in the title, this was totally unexpected. Good Job Uber for this nice surprise.


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Uber had a $40 promotion in Jersey???
You must have been the only driver in NJ not to get the e-mails and texts. Check your account to make sure you are signed up for e-mails and texts because most NJ, Philly and NY drivers received information about the Jersey shore this past weekend.


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Hi Uber00. I stopped driving months ago. Went back to work on a real job. I still read the forum to keep up on the rideshare world here in New Jersey. Hoping that things improve so maybe I can make some part time money. But I'll never drive again unless they double the rates.


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Worked all 3 days. App was on 4 pm -3am Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Made $353.40 as Bonus. Accepted all rides. It was long hours, but it can be done.