Wow people are lazy!


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When you tried to end the trip, Did the app tell you that you should cancel the trip because it was too short? Thats happened to me a couple times.


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I had this lady request a ride in BH the other day, and it took me 5mins to find her. She gets in the car, and the GPS takes us right back to where I picked her up. I said, lady I just picked you up from here, and she said" yeah, I wanted to come on this side of the street." WTF.

All she had to do was crossed the damn street. I picked her up at the cross walk.


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I had shortiest trip today. Arrived at pick up location 800 w Olympic, "begin trip" showed dropp off the same.. They said going to Laky Strike, I was like that's the building ...they didn't know, I got minimum charge