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Wow no annual topic about NYE in KC?


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I thought it sucked. I did like 8 rides. Stuck to my guns and no one rode after midnight without at least a $5 fee. Surge was slow to build up, it was like 1am until max surge was finally reached, then it wasn't that much.


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No, not a lot. I didn't have huge expectations and didn't start until about 8pm. I probably missed out on the early rush. I was south in OP about 12:30 and declined like 20 rides that had no surge at all. Surge started to come in closer to 1am. Not a lot but figured I might as well take a few rides. I did 5 to get a whopping $15 bonus... lol. Lyft wasn't throwing any surge offers at all so that app stayed off.

John McYeet

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It was my first New Year’s Eve and I didn’t start until after midnight cuz I wanted to spend midnight it with my family. Drove from like 1am-3am and made $70. Seemed like a regular weekend night profit if not less. Uber and lyft hyped it up as if you were going to make thousands lmao