kid was on the waiting list for the stem school this year

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went and did a one hour tour at the beginning of the year, the school year had already started and we were told he was 2nd on the waiting list. if two kids dropped out in the following two weeks he would have been going there this year. he's really good with all things stem already at age 8. we just got back from visiting my grandma in england today and the first thing i see is an email from his teacher saying about what a crazy day it was but not specifically mentioning anything, first thing that came to mind was school shooting or a threat of one. sure enough...1 dead 7 injured. RIP

prayers to the victims and their families. the school seemed to be pretty secure from what i remember too.

props to the 2 seniors that tackled the shooters!

send the shooters straight to the chair imo. juvenile or not.


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I just watched a tiny bit of it on the news after hearing about it on the radio half the afternoon.

Foremostly: thoughts and prayers. Glad to hear you werent among.

Secondly: I hope the actions of the individuals are used to make examples of them all. Examples that leave impression.

Related: half of the 8 havent yet left the hospital according the radio a hour or two ago.

A very politely soft-spoken woman who called into KOA today summed it so well my jaw dropped. During a segment where they were discussing how modern times have come to this she very simply called to quip: "We went from our boys coming home from Vietnam with ptsd/depression/et al to our boys coming home and playing it out on the TV daily for enoyment" I wish I could buy her dinner.


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My heart breaks for the families and people impacted by this tragedy.

I have been staring at my phone wanting to type a diatribe against the video game quote. But every time I went to type something, it seemed to minimize the tragedy. We can argue about what's wrong with society another day. Today I can't do it.

I am going to go give my kids a kiss, say a prayer, and try to sleep.


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There was a picture posted of the little elementary school kids standing on the sidewalk with their hands above their heads with police presence and guns. I felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest. It's disgusting that these little 5, 6, 7 year olds even have to be in such a stance. Not to mention parents have to figure out how to put into words and explain to their kids what happened today. Then off to the side of the picture is a little girl in purple who appears to be praying. I just wanted to drive down there and scoop up all the kids and get them out of there... anywhere other than there ... somewhere safe.
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Here's the picture ??
That officer's gun is bigger than some of these kids!