Wow, Lyft sucks.


I thought I’d try Lyft last night, suckered in by their “$850 guarantee with 85 rides in 30 days” but HOLY SHIRT, NEVER will I EVER use Gryft again. they can shove their “Guarantee”, it’s not even worth it

Most telling was the fact that there were 25 Ubers and zero Lyfts queued at MKE tonight when I stopped to check out the airport situation.

going forward, I will happily spend more time sitting waiting for Uber pings rather than “staying busy”. I mean, where does Lyft get off paying almost half the mileage rate that Uber does? Additionally, I’ve had a little more Uber experience since my last post and my tips are still coming from 50% of rides on average. Guess how many Lyft pax tipped me? ZERO. Did I mention they suck?

The only benefit was the lovely disaster tourism experience I had whilst traipsing through Milwaukee’s very worst neighborhoods. Oh wait, that was awful too.

rant over :smiles:


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Lyft use to pay the exact same as Uber except they didn’t have a long pickup fee so it made sense to run both apps. Back in August they rolled out the pay to pickup scam in your state’s capital and subsequently Milwaukee a couple weeks later (there’s a thread on it in the Madison forum and I drunk posted about in the MKE forum). Basically they cut the mileage rate in half, added a couple cents onto the per minute pay and spun it as an improvement since you’d be paid from the time you accepted a ping.

In reality this came out to roughly a 30% pay cut. Longer trips would be even worse. For example, a trip from Madison to ORD on Uber will pay around $140 vs about $90 on Lyft. I peeled off my Lyft sticker and never did a Lyft ride again once the new rates hit. As a pax, I refuse to ride with Lyft on principle even if I’m in an Uber surge area. #boycottLyft

When I ran both apps I definitely had more trips on Lyft to and from the less affluent areas which isn’t a big deal in Madison but I wouldn’t do it in Milwaukee. I did notice I got more tips on Lyft vs Uber contrary to your experience.


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I did notice I got more tips on Lyft vs Uber contrary to your experience.
+1 on this. From day 1 Lyft had tipping in the app, while Uber kept telling people for a long time "tipping is not necessary, its included in the price of the fare". Uber didn't even add tipping in the app until few years ago. Because of that Lyft paxs tend to tip more often than Uber's.


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Well now I went down to Chicago to register as a chicago driver. Now Lyft took away my weekly incentive, which is the only reason I would do my 36 weekly rides, now unless I am desperate I will only run Uber. The great misconception is that all Lyft passengers tip. That is the biggest lie of all. They are all cheap passengers, and more passengers have both apps, and will just order a ride with whichever app is cheaper. Someone needs to explain to me those dumb "power zones". just do surge area's like they used to do.


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usually at 26th ride got $28, then at 36th ride got another $27, so roughly $1.50 for every Lyft ride, after 36th ride, i would shut off lyft app.